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Bob Jenkins
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Walter Röhrl is the stuff of legend and what is event more amazing is that all of this was tested in real cars, flat out with little in the way of protection. No simulators to practice on, or additional training techniques to rewire his mind. To drive at his level, everything has to form as an instinctive reaction, so add changing feet on the brake to the mix and the level of practice increases exponentially.
This all makes the potential of Group B so much more, especially with the obviously complexity of the stages.

Don’t forget about Michelle Mouton, in 1985 she was overall winner at Pikes Peak which seemed to really get under Bobby Unser’s skin and he wasn’t being quiet about it, her response was to simply state “If you have the balls you can try to race me back down as well.”

On the subject of Group B and handbrakes, the early Quattros could do handbrake turns, but the co-driver had to pull a lever that would unlock the centre differential solving the problem of locking all four wheels up.

Now regarding DR2.0, Alan, I’ve seen it in the footage you’ve uploaded and it’s something that has been driving me bonkers since the EA period for DR1, I know it’s a rather fickle thing but the wipers just randomly wiping does my head in. Co-driver calls out 5 left, don’t cut, be brave and then the wipers, wipe breaking my concentration and sending me off into the vegetation. Codies said it was fixed with Dirt 4, which it was to a point, one
could set the wipers to manual but that didn’t stop those random wipes, so starting each stage I’d have to cycle thru the wiper speeds and then hold the button for 10 seconds just to stop the things randomly wiping. It makes starting a stage rather hectic, changing gears, the occasional yank on the handbrake while dealing with the wipers.
I’m not expecting it to be fixed because I am probably the only one that gets distracted by it, but I figure it can’t hurt to throw it out there.