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The Golf Alan drove in the New Zealand video, indeed seemed really understeery – didn’t look like the car could be sharply flicked in and the brake bias seemed to have locked the front long before the rear => understeer -, hopefully it was just a very safe setup for the event.

Since Alan asked for questions, I do have one, but it’s a little odd one:
In the original DiRT Rally, it always bothered me that Group B cars had handbrakes – they didn’t in real life (as far as I know). In one of the DiRT Rally 2.0 Trailers with the Group B Audi (this one definitely didn’t have a handbrake, correctly simulated in pCARS2 and AC), it again looks like the driver uses the handbrake for some turns (judging from helicopter perspective, so I could have this wrong). If the Codies’ differential simulation was realistic, then pulling the handbrake for a hairpin drift would result in the center differential locking up the front tires as well, not only the rears, and thus would not be any different from just pressing the normal brake so hard that all 4 wheels lock up, resulting in the car not being steerable through the hairpin.

So question: Do Group B cars again have a handbrake on all realism settings? Have they improved the differential simulation?
(if you look at the differential simulation in Richard Burns Rally, even in the tuning menu, it’s obviously much more complex than what was featured in DiRT Rally).

It’s probably too nerdy to ask this. But I just felt like bringing this up.