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Hi Tyler, great to see you on the forum and thanks for the in-depth introduction, of course I remember the NeoGaf’ers. 😉 and it will be great to see more of you here as we get better organised. I’ll sort the font btw, it’s a touch too large but helpful for my eyes which aren’t always the best. This forum is still a work in progress and there are new elements planned in the coming months and years.

Great to see your feedback on your racing gaming history, that is something I really want to explore with this site in terms of a great history of racing games out there. Ah Forza 5, well we’ve all got to start somewhere 😉 and at least it drove you to using a wheel, now there’s no going back.

Loving the telemetry data, look forward to seeing your feedback, feel free to create a OT or dedicated thread for your sim physics chat. Ben Green will be on the forum later this year and it will be great to involve him and other racing drivers in physics debate.

Btw. the new VVV site really looks fantastic! You should be really proud, @Alan!

Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate it! It’s been a lot of work bringing this together over many months and a relief to finally be able to interact with it.

That’s a great idea for content, I have many more myself but alas I’m at the limit of my workload. If we find more writers and video content creators who want to contribute, that will definitely be on the list.