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Yes Jules was really displaying his obvious talent, super quick and committed. There was no doubt he would have been at Ferrari in 2016.

The trouble with Formula 2 or GP2 is, it doesn’t often correlate to F1. Plenty of drivers who have excelled in the lower formulas have failed when making the step up. We’ve seen a similar example with Stoffel Vandoorne, dominant performances in the lower classes just haven’t translated to the top flight. Why is this? Team motivation, set-up, understanding, skill? Did he have a car advantage in lower formulas that made the difference? Impossible to say. But I do feel that Charles could do with another year at Sauber, Ferrari has always been a team for the more experienced driver and change might not be best for them this year.

Kimi may be dull to watch and a shadow of his former self, but he is a good No:2 driver and whatever happens, that is how Ferrari works best.