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Hi Alan,

A Driver SF re-release would certainly be a great addition to the latest gen catalogue of game’s.
The original Driver remastered would be very welcome too!

Currently between several games at the moment.
I am part of a small racing community on FB and we hold regular event’s for most days such as F1 championships, PCars2 Endurance & DiRT nights!
Not racing related, but Red Dead Redemption 2 will be my next game purchase.

Happy to share some Motorsport pic’s from time to time & on that note I have to say photo modes in games really do help you understand more of what a camera can do, how settings work etc.

I am headed to Snetterton Circuit this weekend for the British Truck Racing, Dunlop Britcar Endurance & many more support race’s. Hoping the weather stays nice & dry. Knockhill 2 weeks ago was an absolute washout for the BTCC!

Keep up the great work and I’ll check back to the site soon.