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Alan Boiston

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If you’re reading this, chances are you love motorsport and over the many years of its existence the sport has adapted to the technology and perceptions of the time. From increasing performance to improved safety, refining aerodynamics, improving durability of tyres to the very compound of each aspect of structure.

With the environment of vital importance the latest innovations have focused on electrical energy and rechargeable systems, notably the introduction of KERS. While Formula 1 will be altering its own rules yet further in 2014 with increased KERS, a turbo engine and reduced fuel other ideas such as the proposed Formula E plans to take it all a stage further, driving innovation the concept is simple, to provide the world’s most exhilarating electric only Championship.

Developing a completely new motorsport with so many technical limitations is initially a daunting task but one relished by many within the motor industry. Researching relevant technology for the future while demonstrating the potential in performance, this Formula E forum further outlines the key objectives of the project while drivers give an insight into the challenge of a 1 day motorsport series.


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