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Alan Boiston

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Game: Dirt Showdown

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 23/05/2012

With just a month untill release, the marketing wheels are turning at Codmasters and we are finally getting a rummage under the bonnet of their latest racing experience. DiRT Showdown is all about fast and furious automotive fun, crashing and bashing, all making for a wild ride within the DiRT franchise for this alternative spin-off to the series.  We'll have a lot more on that later and don't forget to check out our earlier hands-on coverage. But this was an event with a difference, as Codies opted for a real life showdown experience – forget your sims, this is the real thing.

Lucky journalists were given the chance for some showdown action in a range of vehicles made up to look like their video game counterparts and great fun was had by all, including our very own Forza reporter Ross Limmage.

This latest VVV video coverage also features an interview with Christian Stevenson discussing his colourful career, his involvement with Dirt Showdown and his exciting plans for the future.

We’ll have further coverage in future videos and don’t forget to check out the demo and give us your thoughts by leaving a comment below or messaging us on our Facebook page.

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