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Game: Forza Motorsport 7

Platform: PC, XBox One

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: 03/10/2017

This week sees the launch of Microsoft’s new Xbox One X console at retail, the most powerful console by some margin and despite initial naysayers, it really does make the leap to HDR native 4K gaming. No doubt a massive marketing campaign will be in support and as part of that build-up Team VVV was invited to Silverstone race track, home of the Porsche Experience Centre to test the latest version of Forza 7 running in 4K and to test a real Porsche 911 in a range of challenges. 

Sitting right next to the race track, the Porsche Experience Centre is a stunning set-up, featuring a range of cars from the history of the Porsche legacy through motorsports and consumer models. This is surrounded by 2 purpose-built circuits, besides low grip drift and water sections, plus two long straights for testing the launch control and braking. 

In the video below you’ll see footage of Loop 1, this is a smaller more technical circuit where you get a feel for how the car handles, acceleration, grip and most importantly, braking. The braking downhill into slow corners was initially tricky and given the value of the car, I was keen not to glide too close to the bollards on the apex’s of some corners. Initially taking things slow, it took a few laps to orientate myself, gradually building speed, improving my line and getting those braking points right. The strategy of slow-in, fast-out was key to getting a good understanding of car control. By the time we reach my final lap on this section I was feeling much more comfortable before moving to Loop 2.

Loop 2 wasn’t filmed, but this featured a larger race track where you were able to put your foot down, go through the gears and feel far greater pressure under braking. This was overall a more comfortable course for me after getting my confidence on Loop 1, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to film this section. Next was onto launch control, now I’ve never used this feature and given the ferocity of acceleration I don’t think I ever would. But if you were determined to beat your rival away from the lights, there is simply no better way to achieve success. To activate you hold down the brake, then put the accelerator to the floor. Hold it there till launch control is enabled on the dash, then let go of the brake. 0-60mph in 3 seconds, acceleration as incredible, 3 more seconds and we were probably around 150mph, before hitting the brakes when crossing the white marker line. Initially broke too hard, this turning on the hazard light, then on repeat attempts I calmed my braking and was able to bring the car to a halt in a more controlled fashion.

This was undoubtedly a life experience and another thing to tick off that bucket list of automotive adventures. If you’d like to try something like this, it certainly won’t be cheap but if you enjoy track days, driving and feeling that energy that only a performance car can provide, there really is no substitute. A big thanks to everyone at the Porsche Experience Centre, especially my driving instructor who was a big help, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve not had any experience on a track, these guys will guide you through. I’ll be looking at Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One X in more detail on a future video. 

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