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Alan Boiston

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The years certainly fly by and no better reminder that when those annul events come up that remind you how quickly it is all going. No sooner am I completing the 2013 coverage that 2014 GT Acdemy is upon us and it all starts again.

If you haven’t heard of the GT Academy the concept is simple, gamer to racing driver. Can a gamer apply their racing skills to the real thing? The answer is resounding yes! The motor industry has sat up and taken notice, gamers are here and working their way through the ranks, none more so than 2011 winner Jann Mardenborough who’s career is going from strength to strength as he currently competes in GP3.

It all starts on Gran Tursimo, get involved in the challenges, set the fastest times and you could end up at race camp, a gruelling week of hardcore training making and breaking the drivers to see who’s got what it takes. This is where I join the the action in the last couple of days of competition with many having already bitten the dust in the previous challenges.

Again we experience a range of the training given to the drivers, from physical to mental, simulation to telemetry, racing to precision vehicle control. Everything here is tested and it’s an automotive dream. My videos will be up on the channel soon and will capture every aspect of this process along with interviews including Sir Chris Hoy, Johnny Herbert and Kazunori Yamauchi. As a gamer this is always a privilege but as a journalist I like to share every aspect of that journey and you’ll see it all here on Team VVV.

First a highlights reel featuring some of what you can expect in the coming weeks.

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