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MotoGP '13 Exclusive Video Launch Coverage

Martin Bigg On June 16, 2013

Milestone's highly anticipated MotoGP '13 races off the line this week in what promises to be the most authentic video game recreation of the sport in years. 

We managed to get hold of the game early to put it through its paces in our extensive and exclusive hands-on gameplay videos that take you along for a white knuckle ride as we embark on a long-haul journey through the comprehensive career.

Indeed, our YouTube channel has been positively flooded with MotoGP '13 content over the past week, so we thought we would gather them altogether into one handy round-up, giving first-time players an idea of what to expect when they boot up MotoGP '13 for the first time.


First look

Our first look at MotoGP '13 takes us through the initial stages of the game. We create our own custom rider and explore the range of personalisation options available, have a nose around the extensive game setup options and marvel over the polished presentation before our first race:  


Standard handling test

Playing MotoGP '13 is a decidedly different experience depending on what handling model you choose. 

For novice players who are inexperienced with biking games, we recommend opting for the Standard setting which, in essence, is like learning to ride a bike with stablisers, with a more accessable handling model that negates certain elements found in the higher difficulty settings that mean you don't have to worry about falling off on every corner.


Semi-Pro handling test

Moving up a gear into Semi-Pro, and Alan already feels the effects of the more realistic, looser handling physics that offer a more accurate representation of the sensations found when riding a bike as the rider bobs around more frequently. Simply put, Semi-Pro is likely to be the setting of choice for most gamers and bike fans who want a playable yet challenging experience and a realistic representation of MotoGP .


Pro handling test

As you can probably gather yourself from the title, this setting is strictly for Pros only who have had ample practice and learnt the naunces of MotoGP's sophisticated by putting in countless laps. 

You now have to fully account for the rider physics, coordinate the indpendent rear and front brakes and delicately apply the power and brakes to balace the bike.

It's not easy, but then neither is riding a MotoGP bike in real life, and Pro aims to mercilessly simulate the sensation as closely as possible. Without practice, it's safe to say your digital rider will have broken every conceiveable bone in his digital body by the time you finish a race on Pro. 



First MotoGP race at Spanish Circuito Permanente de Jerez

Having fully tested the handling, we went off to the races to find out how the physics have been applied to the different bike classes, starting with the top tier MotoGP class in a race on the Spanish Circuito Permanente de Jerez. 


First Moto3 race at Silvestone

Next up we dialed down the difficulty and took the beginner's Moto3 class for a spin at Silverstone. With their more forgiving handling and later braking points, the 250 cc Moto3 bikes serve as introductory class that we heartily recommend for inexperienced players to try in the early stages of the game in order to get a better feel for the bikes before progressing to the more demanding MotoGP class.


First Moto2 race at Catalunya


In our final run, Alan takes us for a ride along the Catalunya circuit located in sunny Spain in the remaining bike class class: Moto2.

The 600cc Moto2 bikes act as the intermediate class that remove the stabilisers from the Moto3 bikes and are noticeably more difficult to handle as a result to prepare you for the challenging full fat MotoGP class. 


We hope you enjoyed our journey through the initial stages of MotoGP '13, and there's still lots more coverage to come as we delve into the higher difficulty settings. 

For fans of the sport, we're confident in saying that MotoGP '13 is by far and away the most accurate video game representation we could have asked for, and the smooth learning curve provided by the physics settings also means that players who aren't avid fans MotoGP fans but still enjoy pick up and play bike games can enjoy the ride without fearing of falling off at every corner .

MotoGP '13 launches off the line June 21st. You can preorder it directly from publisher PQube's website

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