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2017 Season 3 Patch 3 update released for iRacing

The development team at iRacing has unleashed their latest update for Season 3 of the PC racing...


iRacing's latest build includes Ferrari 488 GTE & Ford GT LM

The iRacing development team has released their very latest build of the subscription-based PC racing...


Myrtle Beach short oval joins the iRacing track roster next month

Short ovals are hardly lacking in the uncompromising PC racing sim iRacing I believe it's fair to...


iRacing's future time attack mode and new UI teased in video

The development team at iRacing has teased some upcoming features for the PC racing simulation in a newly...


Dirt racing content now available in iRacing

The highly-anticipated dirt racing content for iRacing has now been introduced to the subscription-based PC...


iRacing dirt content teased ahead of March 29 launch

iRacing's much-anticipated dirt content is scheduled to release on March 29. To whet our appetites further,...


Volusia Speedway Park dirt track confirmed for iRacing

The development team at iRacing has recently announced their plans to add Volusia Speedway Park to its...


Upcoming dirt content teased in latest iRacing video

The development team at iRacing has recently released a short teaser video giving us a first look at some...


Porsche 911 GT3 Cup released for iRacing

The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup racing car has been released for the PC racing sim iRacing and marks the first...


Porsche is coming to iRacing

Not long after the news that Porsche's exclusivity deal with EA had expired, iRacing has announced that the...


The 2017 Season 1 build for iRacing being deployed today

The iRacing development team are currently deploying the new 2017 Season 1 build of their PC racing...


iRacing's upcoming dirt content teased in new screenshots

The iRacing development team has recently teased their upcoming dirt content courtesy of some new screen...


Here's a sneak peek at iRacing's upcoming driver hand animations

The iRacing development team recently posted a new video on their official social media channels showcasing...


iRacing's upcoming dirt content teased in new video

As the prospect of racing on dirt in iRacing draws ever nearer, the development team have whet our...


Ferrari 488 GTE coming to iRacing thanks to new partnership

iRacing today announced they have reached a partnership with the famous Italian sports car manufacturer...


Upcoming dirt content teased for iRacing

The development team at iRacing has released a new screenshot which teases the upcoming dirt racing content...


iRacing: Audi 90 GTO available now for free

The iRacing development team has released the legendary Audi 90 GTO for their PC racing sim. The Audi 90...


iRacing: Support for HTC Vive VR headset coming in September

The development team at iRacing have confirmed that their PC racing sim will support the HTC Vive VR...


iRacing: Behind the scenes at Williams Grove

Dirt racing was first announced for iRacing on April 1 this year, originally many believed the announcement...


iRacing: Season 3 build released, includes Oculus support, Imola and...

The development team at iRacing have today released their Season 3 build which brings about DirectX 11...


Williams Grove Speedway coming to iRacing and Williams Grove Speedway have announced plans to build a virtual version of the...


iRacing: First Imola screenshots come to light

The development team at iRacing have unveiled the very first screenshots of Imola set to release for the PC...


Dirt track and rallycross content coming soon to iRacing

Loose-terrain racing will soon be coming to the subscription-based PC racing sim iRacing. Originally...


iRacing's 2016 season 2 build released

The development team at iRacing have today released their 2016 season 2 build of iRacing. The Highlight of...

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