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Developer: Kylotonn Games      
Publisher: BigBen Interactive
Year: 2015
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita

The first WRC title not to be developed by Milestone in five years, WRC 5 makes its current-gen debut from French developer Kyltonn Games, with a new in-house graphics engine, a powerful physics engine and advanced damage modelling.

Latest News


WRC 5 available for free on PS3 for PS Plus subscribers

It's the first Tuesday of the month which can only mean one thing: new PlayStation Plus games. This month...


WRC 5 eSports Edition released on PS4 and Xbox One

Following its original release last October, a new eSports Edition has been released for WRC 5 available on...


WRC 5 demo finally lands on the PS4 and Xbox One

Kylotonn's first entry in the long-running WRC series, WRC 5, now finally gets a demo for the PlayStation 4...


WRC 5 vs Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO Monte Carlo

We recently managed to get a hands on with Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO and so we thought we'd pit it up...


WRC 5 eSports DLC adds new stages

Kylotonn Games has released the first batch of DLC for WRC 5, gearing it up for its online eSports debut...


WRC 5 Review

I'll admit it: when it was announced last year that French firm Kylotonn Games were handling the fifth...


First patch released for WRC 5 on consoles

Some six weeks after release, WRC 5 has received its long-awaited first patch update for PS4 and Xbox One....


WRC 5 console patch coming December 4th

Kylotonn Games has detailed the long-awaited console patch update for WRC 5, confirming a release next week...


WRC 5 Finland night racing gameplay

We check out a night stage in Finland in our latest WRC 5 gameplay video. We opt for the chase cam this...


WRC 5 1.07 PC patch improves sound and adds further wheel support

The latest patch update for the PC version of WRC 5 has been released updating the game to V1.07, adding...


WRC 5: Wet weather effects and impressions video

We head over to France in our latest WRC 5 gameplay video and sample the game's wet weather effects. The...


WRC 5: v1.06 update released for PC

Kylotonn Games continue their support for the PC version of WRC 5 with the release of their latest v1.06...


WRC 5 Spanish rally stage gameplay

We get to grips with the Ford Fiesta RS and take on a Spanish rally stage in our latest WRC 5 gameplay...


New WRC 5 PC patches add wheel support & more

Kylotonn Games have released two patches recently for the PC version of WRC 5. [ai:grid...


WRC 5 officially released worldwide today

WRC 5, the very latest offering in the long-running WRC series, was officially released today...


WRC 5 PC 1.3 patch unlocks frame rate and improves stability

Not long after release, the PC version of WRC 5 has received a patch update addressing a number of...


WRC 5: British rally stage gameplay & chat

We continue our WRC 5 coverage with a look at a British rally stage and we have a chat about the game in...


WRC 5 currently doesn't support any wheels on Xbox One

Those that have been looking forward to getting their hands on WRC 5 on Xbox One this week may be surprised...


WRC 5 early impressions video

We give our early PC gameplay impressions on WRC 5, the very latest official WRC rally title offering in...


Developer Milestone could possibly make a bid for the WRC licence again

Developer Milestone have not ruled out the possibility to once again make a bid for the official WRC...


WRC 5: Playstation 4 first look preview

We've got our hands on a copy of WRC 5 before its launch on October 16 and have quickly put together a...


WRC5 to host 2016 eSports World Rally Championship

WRC5 will be the first licensed WRC game to host an official eSports World Rally Championship. As stated...


WRC 5's recommended PC specs revealed

Kylotonn Games have released the minimum and recommended PC specifications for their upcoming racing title...


WRC 5 release date confirmed

Kylotonn Games have confirmed exactly when we can expect WRC 5 to tear its tyre treads into the PS4, Xbox...

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