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Developer: Milestone
Publisher: PQube
Year: 2012
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360
Review score: 8/10

Milestone's third stint with WRC saw a swift turning point for the series with vastly improved driving physics, overhauled graphics and improved course designs thanks to the development of Spike Engine. 

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WRC 3 Vs Sebastien Loeb Rally comparison at Monte Carlo

Hot on the heels of our WRC 5 vs Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO comparison we thought we'd now pit the nine-time...


WRC3 finally receives patch update

The community has been crying out for it since WRC3 was released some six months ago, Milestone has finally...


WRC3 Vita Review

Until recently, Sony’s slow-starting PlayStation Vita handheld was sorely lacking in decent driving games....


WRC3 Review

It's been a long and bumpy road for developer Milestone's WRC series. Released back in 2010, the Italian...


Behind the scenes of WRC3's alluring artwork

There’s no doubting that Spike Engine gave WRC 3 the graphical makeover the series sorely needed. And yet...


WRC3 Vita first look hands-on

Since its launch earlier this year, the PlayStation Vita has been largely devoid of decent driving games....


WRC3's Challenge mode explained: "DiRT doesn't have the rally...

As we know, the rallying genre has seen better days. Much like the real life sport it replicates, the '90s...


How Spike Engine has transformed WRC3

After the mediocre reaction to the first two WRC titles and the rise of Codemasters’ domineering DiRT...


Milestone interview: "Our vision is now more complete with WRC3"

Just when you thought we were done and dusted with WRC3 after our exhaustive video blowout, Team VVV were...


WRC3 Vita details revealed

With all the recent spotlight on the console iterations of WRC3, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that a...


WRC3 Challenges mode outlined

Another official WRC3 video has landed courtesy of Milestone, this time focusing on an area of the game...


WRC3 Video Preview Blowout

Since the release of its demo earlier this month, anticipation for Milestone's upcoming WRC3 has shifted up...


WRC3 demo skids onto PSN and XBL this week

Turns out that F1 2012 isn't the only major racing title to receive a playable demo this week, as Milestone...


WRC3 day one DLC announced

Even WRC3 can't escape the enduring trend that the games industry has fallen into - the dreaded pre-order...


WRC3 screenshots showcase Mexico and Sweden

With just over a month until release, Milestone are continuing to pump out new material for WRC3.  This...


WRC3 gameplay video navigates the twists and turns of Argentina

Milestone have started to pump out numerous gameplay samples of WRC3 in the run-up to its October release,...


WRC3 GamesCom trailer asks "what makes a driver a champion?"

With GamesCom now fully underway in Germany, you can surely expect to see some fresh new trailers for the...


WRC3 Developer Diary details graphical overhaul

One of the most common gripes of WRC2 was its lackluster graphics that showed very little improvement from...


WRC 3 Exclusive VVV Videos

This week VVV’s Alan Boiston was given the opportunity to gain a first hands-on with Black Bean’s official...


WRC3 on track for October release, pack shots revealed

As you can probably tell, we're feeling optimistic about Milestone's WRC3. After two successive games that...


WRC3 first trailer

The first trailer for WRC3 is upon us and I'm pleasantly surprised with the result - it looks very good...

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