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Developers: Ivory Tower & Ubisoft Reflections
Year: 2014
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections (the former developers of Test Drive Unlimited and Driver: San Francisco Reflections) join forces to develop The Crew, a next generation driving game with a vast open world representing the entire United States. 

Latest News


Ubisoft officially announces The Crew 2

Ubisoft has officially announced The Crew 2, a direct sequel to Ivory Tower's open world racer released...


The Crew hits 12 million players milestone

Ubisoft has announced that their huge open-world racer The Crew has now hit the 12 million player...


The Crew Calling All Units review

The Crew is one of the most underrated racing games of this generation. Ubisoft’s ambitious MMO racer got...


The Crew's January update goes live, here's what it changes

The Crew has just gotten its most recent update bringing with it a host of improvements and tweaks. Some...


Future updates detailed for The Crew

Ubisoft has recently given us a good idea of what to expect regards future content for the massive...


The Crew Calling All Units first look PS4 gameplay

The Crew recently got a shot in the arm with the release of the “Calling All Units” expansion, naturally we...


The Crew's Calling All Units expansion now available on PC, Xbox One...

Today marks the launch of the “Calling All Units” expansion for The Crew available across the PlayStation...


Get The Crew for free today via the Ubisoft Club

Ubisoft has today given away The Crew for the PC absolutely free via the Ubisoft Club. [ai:grid...


Our hands on with the upcoming Calling All Units expansion for The Crew

We were somewhat expecting a new expansion for The Crew to appear at this year's E3 show but were left...


Games With Gold offering The Crew downloaded 3 million times

Ubisoft CFO Alain Corre has revealed that more than 3 million people downloaded the open-world racer The...


Ubisoft have revealed new future content coming to The Crew

Ubisoft have revealed what's in store regarding new future content coming to The Crew. [ai:grid...


Details on the The Crew's upcoming major patch released

Details on The Crew's upcoming patch, due out before the end of the month, have been revealed. [ai:grid...


Stunt races are coming to The Crew Wild Run

The ever-expanding world of The Crew continues to evolve, as Ivory Tower have announced that Stunt Races...


The Crew Wild Run patch adds new Practice Mode

The Crew Wild Run has received a new patch update, adding a new Practice Mode as well as handling...


The Crew: Wild Run 500 Abarth monster truck gameplay

We head over to the Monster Arena in The Crew's Wild Run expansion for some fun in our very latest gameplay...


Photo mode coming to The Crew in January patch

Ubisoft's The Crew is getting its first major patch of the year this month, bringing a host of improvements...


The Crew Wild Run Review

Despite its lofty ambitions, Ivory Tower’s open world MMO racer The Crew was criminally overlooked on...


First details revealed for The Crew: Wild Run's upcoming photo mode

The very first details on the upcoming photo mode for The Crew: Wild Run have come to light courtesy of...


The Crew: Wild Run's December update includes handling improvements

Specific details on The Crew: Wild Run's December update have been shared by developer Ivory...


Video and photo modes coming to The Crew: Wild Run

Developer Ivory Tower have shared a new image (below) teasing future content for The Crew: Wild Run....


The Crew Wild Run: Initial impressions using a racing wheel

We share our initial thoughts when using a racing wheel on the recently released Wild Run expansion for The...


The Crew Wild Run: new vs old graphics comparison

We take a look at The Crew's new graphics and audio versus the old in our very latest latest comparison...


The Crew Wild Run: cruising to the Summit gameplay

We decide to share with you guys our cruise in the Nissan GT-R as we head to the newly added Summit for The...


The Crew: Wild Run vs Need For Speed visual comparison

We put The Crew: Wild Run and Need for Speed together in our latest comparison video. The comparison video...

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