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Developer: Image Space Incorporated
Year: 2013
Platforms: PC

rFactor is highly regarded among PC racing enthusiasts, and its long-awaited sequel looks to continue the precedent set by its predecessor. While rFactor 2 may lack the awe-inspiring graphics of Project CARS, it more than makes up for it in the physics department which cater solely to simulation enthusiasts. Its tire deformation system, for example, has to be seen to be believed. 

Latest News


McLaren 650S GT3 released in rFactor 2 as premium DLC; to be included...

rFactor 2 developer Studio 397 has released the McLaren 650S GT3 on Steam as DLC - as well as confirming...


Official Formula E content in the pipelines for rFactor 2

rFactor 2 will eventually contain officially licensed Formula E content, according to a new job listing at...


McLaren 650S GT3 and Zandvoort coming to rFactor 2; additional...

rFactor 2 developer Studio 397 has confirmed the McLaren 650S GT3 and the Circuit Park Zandvoort circuit...


DX11 and VR open beta released for rFactor 2

DirectX 11 and VR support has been brought to rFactor 2 via a new open beta build for the PC racing...


rFactor 2: NOLA Motorsports Park 2016 released

As promised, Studio 397 has released the NOLA Motorsports Park 2016 track for rFactor 2. This is the very...


Latest DirectX 11 rFactor 2 teasers showcase big improvements

Studio 397 has recently published their February roadmap blog for their PC racing sim rFactor 2. The blog...


rFactor 2: Download the Nissan GT500 now for free

Studio 397 has filled all of our stockings this Christmas by delivering the iconic Nissan GT500 as a free...


rFactor 2 build 1108 now available, first release by Studio 397

PC racing sim rFactor 2 benefits from a new build today which marks the very first release from the new...


The USF2000 open-wheeler car released for rFactor 2

Studio 397, who recently took over rFactor 2 duties from Image Space Inc., has released their first piece...


Autodromo di Mores update released for rFactor 2

Developer Image Space Inc. has made available a new and improved version of the Autodromo di Mores...


Palm Beach International Raceway v2 released for rFactor 2

After much screenshot teasing, Image Space Inc. have released the updated version on the Palm Beach...


Palm Beach International Raceway v2 coming to rFactor 2, first screens

The track team at Image Space Inc. recently revealed they are working on an updated version 2 of the Palm...


rFactor 2: Martinsville Speedway teased in new screens

The Image Space Inc. track team have released a couple of new teaser screenshots of the Martinsville...


rFactor 2: New Fallston (Bristol) Motor Speedway screenshots released

Development for the Fallston Motor Speedway continues for rFactor 2 and developer Image Space Inc. have...


Suzuka track released for rFactor 2

The very latest free track to release for rFactor 2 through its third party affiliate system is non other...


rFactor 2: Fallston Motor Speedway first screens released

Fallston Motor Speedway, which is based on the Bristol Motor Speedway, is the very latest product of...


Build 1098 of rFactor 2 released, includes tyre fixes and more

Image Space Inc. have recently released build 1098 of their PC racing sim rFactor 2. [ai:grid...


rFactor 2: Build 1080 available, new demo content

rFactor 2 developer Image Space Inc. have recently released build 1080 of their PC racing sim rFactor...


rFactor 2: Toban Raceway Park & Howston Dissenter released

rFactor 2 gets a slight boost this week with the addition of the Toban Raceway Park track and the 1974...


rFactor 2 build 1052 available now

The rFactor 2 development team have just released their very latest build which includes a number of fixes...


rFactor 2: Dallara DW12 Indycar & Stock Car updates released

Continuing with the wealth of updates for rFactor 2 lately, developers Image Space Inc have released new...


Eagle Creek, Northside and Apple Valley tracks released for rFactor 2

rFactor 2 continues to benefit from a wealth of new content with the release of three new locations thanks...


rFactor 2: WIP Apple Valley Speedway screens released

The Image Space Inc. (ISI) track team have released several screenshots over the past few days of a work in...


rFactor 2: Alabama Speedway & Formula ISI 1.6 released

Image Space Inc (ISI) have certainly been busy this Christmas period with the release of not one but two...

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