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Developer: Milestone
Publisher: PQube
Year: 2014
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360
Review score8/10

Following the success of MotoGP '13, Milestone return with MotoGP '14 featuring enhanced graphics and physics along with fan-pleasing modes such as Challenge the Champions and Real Events 2013. It also marked the franchise's next-gen debut on PS4.

Latest News


MotoGP '14 Compact coasts onto PSN Store

A new "Compact" release of MotoGP '14 has silently snuck onto the PSN Store, which came as a surprise...


MotoGP '14 Review

Motogp '14 couldn't have been timed any better. Marking Milestone’s next-gen debut on PS4 (though not Xbox...


MotoGP '14 pushed back on Vita

MotoGP '14 raced triumphantly off the line last week on PC, PS4 and Xbox 360, but those waiting for the...


MotoGP '14 launch trailer races off the line

Today is the day bike gaming enthusiasts have been waiting for: the European launch day for MotoGP '14,...


MotoGP '14 First Look Gameplay

PS4 players pining for a serious racing game experience are in for a treat this week, as MotoGP '14...


MotoGP '14 getting U.S. release this September

Many of you have been asking us when Milestone are going to start releasing their racing simulations in the...


MotoGP '14 Champions trailer stars Valentino Rossi

With less than a month to go until MotoGP '14 rides onto consoles and PC, Milestone's refusal show it off...


MotoGP '14 Slo-Mo Sunshine Exclusive Replay Gameplay

Milestone's specialist racing titles often get criticised for having subpar visuals. With MotoGP '14...


MotoGP '14 targeting 1080p and 30fps on PS4

The frame-rate wars have erupted again: MotoGP '14 is the latest game to be locked at 30 fps on PS4, not...


MotoGP '14 gets 'Legends of MotoGP' pre-order bonus exclusively at GAME

PQube has announced an exclusive pre-order bonus for MotoGP '14 available only at GAME, and it's certainly...


MotoGP '14 screenshots showcase next-gen bikes and YEBIS 2 technology

As with practically every Milestone release, the reveal of MotoGP '14 has been a tantalysingly slow burner....


New MotoGP '14 next-gen screenshots unveil two new tracks

Milestone has released a second batch of screenshots for their upcoming next-gen debut project MotoGP '14,...


First in-game glimpse of MotoGP '14 seen at Qatar

So far, our only fleeting glimpses of Milestone's next-generation debut project MotoGP '14 have been from...


Milestone enlists Mauro Sanchini as in-game commentator for MotoGP '14

Milestone has confirmed one of the voice talents for the upcoming MotoGP '14 title: ex-superbike rider and...


Milestone releases first next-gen screenshots for MotoGP '14

Milestone has revealed the first ever screenshots for its upcoming MotoGP '14 game, showcasing the visual...


MotoGP '14 announced for next-gen

Just as we predicted in our exhaustive 2014 racing games preview, Milestone has announced MotoGP '14, the...

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