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MXGP 2 Agueda and Bastogne DLC tracks giveaway

If you're looking for more tracks to play on Milestone's MXGP 2, we've got a PS4 code to giveaway giving...


Taking a look at MXGP 2's DLC tracks Agueda & Bastogne

Our very latest MXGP 2 gameplay video takes a look at the recently released Agueda and Bastogne DLC...


Taking on the Real Events mode in MXGP 2

Our very latest MXGP 2 gameplay video takes a look at a couple of Real Events races. Here you are tasked to...


We check out MXGP 2's first person mode

We take a look at MXGP 2's first person viewpoint in a race at Leon, Mexico running on the PlayStation 4...


MXGP 2 gameplay: Glen Helen race

We head over to the USA and more specifically the Glen Helen race track in our first look at the retail...


PlayStation 4 demo of MXGP 2 now available

Milestone have released their PlayStation 4 demo of MXGP 2 with Xbox One and PC demos to follow...


MXGP 2 Review

Milestone’s mission to cover just about every facet of motorcycle motorsport reached a new height with the...


MXGP 2 PS4, Xbox One and PC demos coming soon

Milestone have recently announced that a MXGP 2 demo will make its way onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and...


MXGP 2 PS4 preview: Football Arena

Our final PlayStation 4 preview video of MXGP 2 takes a look at the Football Arena 1 track. The Football...


MXGP 2 PS4 preview: Test track, replay & photomode

We continue our MXGP 2 PlayStation 4 preview coverage with a look at the game's Test Track, Photomode and...


MXGP 2 PS4 preview: Rider and bike customisation

With the release day for MXGP 2 fast approaching we continue our PlayStation 4 preview coverage with a look...


MXGP 2 PlayStation 4 preview: Night racing

We check out some night racing action in our second PlayStation 4 preview video covering the upcoming...


MXGP 2 Developer Interview with PS4 gameplay

We recently took a trip to Qatar to get some world exclusive footage of the upcoming Motocross title MXGP...


MXGP 2's release date slips into April

Italian developer Milestone have recently announced that their upcoming motocross title MXGP 2 has been...


MXGP2: Details on customisation & track test mode revealed

MXGP2 is just a few weeks away from its April 1 launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and developer...


Stadium Series game mode details unveiled for MXGP 2

Developer Milestone have recently lifted the veil on the newly added Stadium Series game mode for their...


Pre-order bonuses revealed for MXGP 2

With a little over one month until release, MXGP 2's pre-order DLC details have been recently...


New MXGP 2 trailer released

Milestone have finally showed some of their MXGP 2 cards by releasing a new trailer which gives us a brief...


Latest MXGP 2 screens tease work in progress Trentino track

The latest bunch of teaser screens for MXGP 2, due for release on March 31, showcases the Italian Trentino...


MXGP 2's release date revealed

MXGP 2 will be landing on PS4, Xbox One and PC March 31st 2016, Milestone has revealed. So far we've seen...


MXGP 2's full track list revealed

Milestone have announced the full track list for their upcoming officially licensed motocross racer MXGP...


First MXGP 2 screenshots showcase new Patagonia Argentina track

Milestone's follow up to last year's MXGP  game is slowly starting to gather speed in the run up to its...


MXGP 2 landing on PS4, Xbox One and PC February 2016

After teasing us last month, Milestone have now officially announced MXGP 2, confirming that we can expect...


MXGP 2 to be announced in September

This year, we've so far seen two motorcycle games from Milestone with Ride and MotoGP '15. However, there...

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