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Game Sack turns its eye to vehicular combat

Popular retro gaming YouTube channel Game Sack focused their latest video on the field of vehicular combat....


Forza 6 Xbox One S vs Forza 7 Xbox One X 4K comparison

With Forza Motorsport 7 on the horizon (pardon the pun), comparisons to the last Motorsport offering are...


Digital Foundry compares GT Sport PS4 vs PS4 Pro at 1080p

Digital Foundry has uploaded a video which compares Gran Turismo Sport running at 1080p on the standard...


WipEout Omega Collection vs WipEout HD Fury comparison

YouTube channel Cycu1 has created a video which shows us a side by side comparison of WipEout Omega...


New Rocket League TV ad shows a real car saving a certain goal

TV adverts for video games have been a bit hit and miss over the years, however I'm happy to say that the...


Australian Forza Horizon 3 fan compares game to real life

As you may be aware, Forza Horizon 3 is set in the sunny climes of Australia. One resident of the “land...


Mario Kart meets real life in high-quality live action short

We love it when we see a real-life Mario Kart inspired video, this latest one, by YouTube channel...


Watch WRC champion Petter Solberg play DiRT 4 and crash

It's good to know that even the best in the world can struggle at the wheel of a driving game at...


Rocket League “pull-back” toys are on the way

The Rocket League developer in conjunction with Zag Toys has announced that new Rocket League pull back...


Fans recreate Mario Kart's Rainbow Road in Halo 5

Not content with busting out the SNES to play Mario Kart's challenging Rainbow Road, some fans of the...


The first Project CARS 2 footage has leaked - and it looks incredible

If you needed confirmation that the full reveal of Project CARS 2 is imminent, here it is. Slightly Mad...


DiRT 4 video shows handling modes, difficulty settings, assist...

YouTube channel Erased Citizens has uploaded another DiRT 4 gameplay video which gives us a look at more...


Here's some GT Sport footage running on the PS4 Pro

The Taipei Game Show was recently held where members of the public were lucky enough to get their hands on...


DiRT 4 gameplay emerges showing several game modes

The surprise announcement of DiRT 4 came with a teaser trailer which barely showed any gameplay footage...


Check out this real-life stop motion Mario Kart tribute video

Two fans of the Mario Kart series have constructed a tribute to their favourite racing game with a one...


Follow Turn 10's studio manager every step as he purchases a brand...

The guys over at Turn 10 Studios has given us the opportunity to follow Studio Manager Alan Hartman's...


Forza fan pays tribute to iconic racing games in Forza Horizon 3

Everyone has their favourite racing games series, from old-school arcade racers like OutRun, Burnout and...


2016 Series to Watch

The 2016 racing seasons is soon to be roaring away from the starting grid, but, with so much racing; I will...


Virtua Racing on Mame for PC

As a person who loves the stylised visuals of flat shaded polygons, and a fan of racing games in general, I...


Formula Renault Coming to iRacing

Announce a couple of days ago, iRacing has a formal agreement with Renault to bring 2 of there single...


Project Cars 2 - Is it TOO Early?

A few days ago, WMD announed that Project Cars 2 is coming and once again, it will be a crowd-source game...


F1: Sport or a Marketing Exercise

Many column inches have been written and opinions viewed on websites about what should be done with Formula...


Project Cars: The Start of a Career…

Format: Sony PlayStation 4 Controller: DualShock4 Setup: Default settings / 60% AI The concept of Project...


Changes Coming to iRacing’s Blancpain Sprint Series

iRacers have been voting for changes to be made on the ever popular Blancpain Sprint Series for the...

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