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News The TeamVVV Podcast Episode 15: WRC 6, Ride 2 and more


Martin Bigg


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Welcome to another installment of the TeamVVV Podcast for all your weekly racing game rambles.

This week’s biggest talking points are of course the two major racing games that came out this week: Kylotonn’s rally sequel WRC 6 and Milestone’s motorbike simulation Ride 2. No, we don’t know why they were released on the same day either.

Elsewhere, we discuss the recent Assetto Corsa 1.03 update which has made some significant improvements to the overall console experience. We also attempt to work out why so many people are disgruntled about Assetto Corsa’s upcoming free Porsche content.

And with the release of the much anticipated PlayStation VR headset now only days away, we discuss our most anticipated PSVR games without resorting the easy option that is DriveClub VR.

Thanks as always for listening, and if you have any suggestions for future topics you’d like us to discuss feel free to post in the comments below.

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