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iRacing gets Greenlit on Steam

Martin Bigg On October 31, 2013

iRacing has shown significant growth lately as its passionate racing community continues to expand. If the recent announcement that the subscription-based sim had exceeded 800 million laps wasn't enough, iRacing has now been Greenlit on Steam following a successful voting campaign.

It's a significant breakthrough for,  which should surely broaden their audience considerably given the accessability of the Steam platform. “Thanks for the support everyone,” iRacing’s Kevin Bobbitt commented. “We still have a bunch of work to do to get up on Steam but we are through to the next step in the process.”

It's also a significant step forward for the PC sim racing scene - iRacing now joins the likes of fellow sim racing developers Slightly Mad Studios, Simbin & Kunos Simulazioni on Valve's platform. 


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