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Urban Trial Freestyle video playthrough

Martin Bigg On March 30, 2013

For too long, PlayStation owners have been deprived of the clinically-addictive Trials Evolution, a deceptively simple bike game that's equally loved and loathed by the millions of players that have downloaded it on XBLA. It's since come out on PC in the form of Trials Evolution Gold Edition, and yet there's still no equivalent experience if you reside in the PS3 camp.  

Until now. Enter Urban Trials Freestyle, Tate Interactive's debut project that attempts to unashamedly replicate Trials' successful formula over to the PlayStation with a decidedly more urban theme. But can it stand on its own two wheels or is it an inferior Trials imitator? To find out, we had a playthrough of some of the early stages and recorded our findings before the final review goes up:


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