Thrustmaster 728 Weekly Racing Video Game News: Grand Designs

Martin Bigg On May 17, 2014

In this week's Weekly Racing Video Game News round-up, Polyphony go all Grand Designs on us with the debut of the BMW Vision GT for Gran Turismo 6, the latest dream machine in their coveted concept car catalogue. It may have been influenced by BMW's tired touring cars of the '70s, but there's no denying it coincidentally looks like a racing variant of their new M2.

But wait, there's more: remember that special Senna content announced several moons ago? Well, it's racing off the line later this month. Time to dust off GT6, then. 

Over on the next-gen consoles, DriveClub steered into controversy once again with the revelation that micro-transactions will be featured, before swooning us with its promise of innovative socially-connected racing in a series of informative videos.

Elsewhere, new purdy next-gen MotoGP '14 screenshots rode in, finally revealing that most essential ingredient for a bike racing game: the bikes. Cue chlidish imitation of bike noises. 

We also had two new pricey peripherals from Fanatec joining the ClubSport Wheel rim family: the stock car-inspired Oval Rim and GT-esque Round 1 Rim.

All this and more can be found in the Weekly Racing Video Game News round-up embedded below. Links to all articles discussed in the article can also be found below.


‘BMW Vision Gran Turismo headlines Gran Turismo 6's 'V1.07' update patch 

Ayrton Senna's racing kart and refreshed circuits coming to Gran Turismo 6 in "Senna Tribute" update 

DriveClub's micro-transactions detailed: 

DriveClub trailers outline Clubs, Face-offs and Challenges: 

MotoGP '14 screenshots showcase next-gen bikes and YEBIS 2 technology 

Codemasters claims upgraded damage features for GRID Autosport 

Codemasters confirms GRID Autosport's full touring car roster 

Slightly Mad Studios details Project CARS' singleplayer modes 
Multiplayer Alpha added to 

Assetto Corsa in V0.9 update 

Fanatec unveils new 'Oval Rim' replica CSW wheel: 

Fanatec unveil Round 1 Wheel Rim for ClubSport Wheel 

Auto Club Revolution set for major overhaul on June 16th: 

First gRally details emerge alongside website launch:’


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Community Activity

Dan Corley Dan Corley
The screenshots look like photos, never underestimate the power of realistic looking trees. Assetto Corsa can we have these now please? 2D trees are so last year. Seriously though, this looks (graphically) a lot better than WRC 5 and given Milestone's background in racing games the physics are more likely to be decent. Haven't really see what Kylotonn can do though so I'm keeping an open...

Topic: First ​Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo screenshots showcase Sweeden snow stageView

Tracey Roberts Tracey Roberts
I still play SBK2000 and SBK2001 regularly. Physics is pretty good but imo not quite as realistic as gp500. There are two camps on that argument dating all the way back to 2001! wink I agree SBK2001 is pretty good but the more you grow accustomed to the physics of motogp14 on the limit with no riding aids whatsoever and zero or low tcs plus a decent set-up the more one realises that motogp14 is...

Topic: MotoGP '14 ReviewView

Tracey Roberts Tracey Roberts
Reason I misunderstood you Travis is that Dorna have already confirmed to Milestone that they are retaining the motogp licence for 2015. Milestone have already started work on motogp15. In fact they have been working on this for quite some time now as I understand it. Also we at xbla are provisionally lined up to commernce a beta testing programme on the game. We have been running monthly Q&A...

Topic: MotoGP '14 ReviewView

Tracey Roberts Tracey Roberts
Here's a recent example (one of many) in which Milestone have listened to us and have acknowledged that improvements are needed in motogp14:

Questions and Suggestions to Milestone S.r.l. from the XboxLiveAddicts U.K. Motogp14 Community

November 2014

Question/Comment 1:

Now that it appears you will be retaining the Dorna licence for 2015 can you please address what is arguably the...

Topic: Bandai Namco to distribute Ride in North AmericaView

Tracey Roberts Tracey Roberts
By the way, and I don't really endorse this concept myself (I would rather Milestone dropped it) the whole idea to combat the understeer in motogp14 is to use a manula "tuck" button. Hey understeer. Use the "tuck" as you come off the brakes and get on the power. 

Personally I would much rather Milestone dropped the manual tuck requirement though. There is no manual "tuck" in...

Topic: Bandai Namco to distribute Ride in North AmericaView

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