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Slightly Mad Studios sums up Project CARS's career mode

James Allen On June 12, 2014
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Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios has rounded-up some of the more important elements of the racing game's core career mode.

According to Slightly Mad's 'Focus On...' post on the official Project CARS website, contracts will play a pivotal role in pCARS's career mode from the very beginning: upon choosing which discipline they'd wish to participate in, players must first sign on to an in-game racing team to race for in their inaugural season.

By progressing through the game's core singleplayer component, additional contract offers from virtual talent scouts will be made, with the type and variety dependent on the players' race results up to that point. In-game brands will also approach the player with 'Endorsement' offers, though it's currently unknown at this moment in time how significant a part these supposed sponsorship deals will play in the career mode.

In addition to companies being featured in Project CARS, Slightly Mad has also commissioned the motorsports simulation publication Sim Racer Magazine to compile news reports for the game's 'Race Calendar', which - according to the developer - will consist of "exclusive media coverage within the game of all the podiums, drama, and atmosphere of your career and events happening around you throughout the year".

Slightly Mad rounded out the statement by reiterating the point that it's designed Project CARS's career mode to "replicate all the flow, the opportunities and the ambience that a modern-day driver gets to be a part of", as well as offer players the freedom to experience the game type in whatever way they wish.

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Dan Corley Dan Corley
I'll look forward to it and for once I'm not bothered wether its DLC or not because in terms of racing sims, Assetto Corsa is definitely more friendly on your pocket - free multiplayer etc. I hope that doesn't change when it leaves early access.

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Dan Corley Dan Corley
Its nice to see that they're not using lens flare, it really annoys me when its used in cockpit view because cockpit view is often for a more realistic driving experience yet it can be ruined by lens flare which is an effect only present on lenses (unsurprisingly). *ehem* Next Car Game *ehem*.

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Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Yes this certainly has huge potential and mixing bikes with cars could be a good thing in terms of investment. Bike games have often been a mixed bag in terms of reception, so perhaps we'll see some bikes in GT7 and then if that works out, a full blown Tourist Trophy 2 further down the line. 

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Ronin 05 Ronin 05
I'm not going to get my hopes up because there have been too many rumors for far to long.  But after GT6 the only thing that would make me buy another GT title would be the addition of bikes (and a good selection of those at that).

In regards to Tourist Trophy, that game still holds up today.   Not perfect (bikes a tad to floatly) but over all it gave me the closest sense of how it feels to...

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Ronin 05 Ronin 05
once upon time I use to buy multiple copies of Milestone titles (PS3, PC, Euro and US versions) but not anymore.   Why try to support a company that doesn't care about it's customers.  Can't say that MotoGP 14 was a disappointment because it was about as good as expected and that's not saying much.  Same issues as always......A LACK OF EFFORT. and as such after 4 laps I just put the game away....

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