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SimBim's RaceRoom Racing Experience playable in two weeks

Martin Bigg On August 19, 2012
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SimBin may be hard at work developing the highly anticipated GTR 3, but that seemingly hasn't stopped them focusing on other side projects.  

Enter RaceRoom Racing Experience, an upcoming free to play PC racing simulation that sees SimBin attempt to attract a new market in what they call a Free 2 Race concept. It sounds a lot like Auto Club Revolution, in that the base game will be free to play with the option to pay for additional content. 

Little is known about what content will be available in the final build, but the slew of screenshots reveal a sample of the cars we can expect to put through their paces: the Danish Aquila CR1 Sports GT, which has already been confirmed for GTR3 in its initial screenshot, Audi R8 LMS and the Judd-powered BMW 134 hill climb car, the same model driven by Georg Plasa who was killed during last year's Italian Rieti hill climb.

RaceRoom was also on display at GamesCom in a particularly lavish setup comprising of a typical racing rig and a not-so-typical triple screen display for added immersion. And just to make us somewhat jealous of the fact that we couldn't make it to GamesCom, SimBin have provided a short but sweet video of the game in action from the show:

Other sources have also uploaded in-game footage

From what we've seen so far, RaceRoom seems to follow the standard set by SimBin, delivering supreme driving physics, a blistering sense of speed and some particularly aggressive engine sounds, making for a very viseral experience which is only heightened by the triple screen display.  

Fortunately, it doesn't look as if it will be long until we can get our hands on RaceRoom, either. SimBin are said to be gearing up SimBin for a final release "soon," but the same demo that was playable at GamesCom will be available for everyone to test drive in two weeks time.

With iRacing, rFactor 2, Project CARS, Assetto Corsa and now RaceRoom (and not forgetting GTR3 of course) all vying for position, there's no better time to be a PC racing simulation gamer than the present. 

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Community Activity

Daniel Seger Daniel Seger
Agreed! Cant wait until november. By the way in the 5th video of 9 "PCars UI: SOLO" i noticed theyre using a tune that was in GTR 2 smile

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Dan Corley Dan Corley
Its a shame that they're shutting down but it should mean that Raceroom improves as in my opinion its lagging behind the other main sims (surely this must be the main cause for their bankruptcy?) The game has potential and an acceptable amount of content to buy, however I think the prices for individual cars and tracks is a little steep considering the quality of them compared to Assetto Corsa...

Topic: SimBin Studios is shutting downView

Tim Goodchild Tim Goodchild
Always feel these sorts of packs are all very,,,meh. But how you can include a Merc in a "Best of British" baffles me, regardless of where it was built.  Surely there are better example of British sportscars from the past that can be used?  Anyway, microtransactions are the way forward and I like DLC but throw in a track or something, no?

Topic: Codemasters releases Best of British Car Pack DLC for GRID AutosportView

Tim Goodchild Tim Goodchild
Just need the games room to be sorted...might have to just check this out on a friends setup instead. ;o)

Topic: Lotus 98T Formula One car arrives in Assetto CorsaView

Tim Goodchild Tim Goodchild
...and less shiny graphics. Not everything in real life looks brand new all the time.

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