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Red Bull Ring headlines Gran Turismo 6's 'V1.09' update

James Allen On June 18, 2014
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The Red Bull Ring has made its debut in Gran Turismo 6, through today's update patch for the PS3-exclusive racing game.

Set to host the first Formula One Grand Prix in Austria for 11 years this weekend, the Red Bull Ring is the latest circuit to be brought to the title (after the retro Monza and Brands Hatch routes in V1.08), and the first all-new licenced locale addition for GT6.

Alongside the two Red Bull Ring courses (a short circuit and the full Grand Prix track), Volkswagen's GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo makes its inaugural appearance in GT6 through the new patch,

Much like previous VGT releases, players can either purchase the car in-game through the 'Vision GT' section, or win the car for free by participating in the celebratory Seasonal Event, with those who achieve a Bronze award or higher being gifted the 'Volkswagen Vision GT' racing suit for their racing driver avatar to wear.

Other (considerably more out-of-the-blue) automotive additions include the Team RJN Nissan GT-R GT3 racing car that GT Academy 2014 entrants used in the fourth qualification round, Lexus' IS-F CCS-R competition car which tackled the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 2012, and Toyota's TS030 petrol-electric LMP1 in its debut 2012 specification.

All three of these racing cars can be bought in-game from their manufacturer's respective Dealerships, as well as through the 'Recommended Cars' section.

Gameplay streamlining, physics tweaks and alterations to the online features  (along with Polyphony subtly adding MINI to the now 29-strong list of car manufacturers in the Vision Gran Turismo programme) are also prominent features of Gran Turismo 6 V1.09, and are fully detailed in the official patch notes below:

Adjustments to the physics simulation model
The physics simulation model of “Gran Turismo 6” has been updated with the following changes:

(1) The dynamics of the car on surfaces with cornerstones and bumps have been improved;
(2) The effect of the tyre geometry has been changed (mainly for the "Camber Angle" option);
(3) The handling of some rear heavy cars has been improved;

The default settings of the tuning parts have also been adjusted to match the above changes.

Other cars adjustments
On the various Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X models, it is now possible to enable the [Active Steering] under the [Driving Options] of the "Quick Menu".

Other offline improvements and adjustments
- [Data Logger] can now be opened from the "Quick Menu" of Time Trial events. Please note that only limited features will be available in this way. Please refer to the online manual for more details.
- A [Reset to Default] option that returns the car to its showroom condition has been added under [Car Settings].
- Signal Starts are now enabled on tracks with signals.

Other online improvements and adjustments
- A countdown is now displayed on the bottom right part of the Open Lobby screen, showing the time before an event starts and the time when the track voting ends. 
- The uploading time for both Drift Trials and Time Trials (Section) have been changed.

*Please note that after the patch is installed, there may be up to a 30 minutes additional install time which may differ from what is displayed on screen.

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Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Yes I noticed that, it makes me sad. :/

Having said that, I'm expecting they'll hod a lot of that stuff back for F1 2015. 

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Martin Bigg Martin Bigg
Interesting there's no mention of any classic car content, given that it was such a major selling point of F1 2013.

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Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Yes the power gulf between PC and consoles has expanded to a point that the PC is already a next-gen system. 

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Tracey Roberts Tracey Roberts
Of course a much better TT bike racing experience than Tourist Trophy by most likely much better than Jester and Grand Tourismo 7 already exists. The TT Isle of Man Moutain course add-0n for the gp500 pc game.

Aracde physics? I'd rather play something better myself..

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Lorenzo Kupstaitis Lorenzo Kupstaitis
Yes, F1 2015 will be on PC. Codemasters announced it on their Facebook page.

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