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Project CARS update adds Brands Hatch and a host of new cars for Christmas

Martin Bigg On December 23, 2013
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Project CARS players are in for a treat this Christmas. The latest build of Slightly Mad Studios' sophisticated simulation has been released, adding a new track in the form of Brands Hatch and four new cars to play with: the Ginetta G55 GT3, the classic Mercedes 300SEL 6.8 AMG, the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Group A and the Le Mans-winning Sauber C9.

The iconic British track is the first to be perfected with laser-scan data, and is also available with a special Christmas configuration. As ever, the track and cars are in a very early state and will be polished up in future updates.

Scroll down for a full list of changes in the latest build.

Build 632 (20/12/13, Junior Member+) – 124.2 MB
* Global finger animations: tweaked animations, more natural movement, removed legs from export
* Formula A: Suspension rework
* FFB: Turned on the slow spring for all cars to prevent oscillation when stopped.
* LMP RWD P30: Cloned LODX meshes, matte carbon material
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Ultra detail level Setup initial checkin, full LODs setup done.
* Brands Hatch: Adjustments to wet path, adjusted dry path for issues, tweaked corridors for adjusted track width at Sheene Curve down to the bridge
* Azure Coast (Stage1): Added latest assets from Kate and Gary, fixed some mapping issues on roads and terrain, replaced the barrier system all along the s1 village, added woods armcos, remapped rocks and slopes new mat created, added dry soil areas here and there along this sections, reworked the grass csm on these area, grass, bakedclay, longgrass, slopegrass, fixed coll walls

Build 631 (19/12/13, Junior Member+) – 440 MB
* Stop the final session of Career series from being played again once it’s completed (Seasons still reset). Still updates profile after the race to retain the setting
* Updated RaceOverview screen with date values
* Fixed loading screen values when loading sequential Career sessions
* Track Selection grid set to clip children for neatness, needs further work to fix though
* Fix for missing text on the Calibrate Wheel screen
* Tires: Updates for the new cars
* Prototype RWD P30: New physics set
* Ford Sierra RS500: Tweaked HUD tacho to fit new physics, removed bad collision mesh making the car an off-roader, various tweaks, initial physics, added HUD tacho, fixed pivots, added proper collision setup, Added collision meshes, replaced common_paint and fixed missing materials in CPIT
* Sauber C9: Added ambient shadow, tweaked cockpit exposure, initial physics set
* Mercedes 300SL: Proper alpha1 driver animations + initial setup, handling update. Now uses approximation of air suspension.
* Ginetta G55 GT3: Small cpit display tweak, configured various things for the first export, adjusted cockpit exposure, removed 2 pages from display, finished export setup, added lights, mirorrs, display
* Additional track and vehicle logos, and happy holidays!
* Flag wind speed fix for vertical flags, removal of very fast/inconsistent animations (needs animations replacement)
* Treewall texturemat tweak: matched to lighting and treeinstances
* Wisconsin: Updated placement XML with all new tyre walls, polish pass completed on the whole track, added new viewer mesh files for the various new tyre wall stacks, updated grass exclusion to give full and proper grass coverage on the new level, updated grass texture, added all new textures required by the track revamp, updated a few existing textures also.
* Oulton Park: Added ao map for scrutineering building (not yet in-game)
* Brands Hatch (GP & Indy layout): First export, bh adjusted textures on bridges and road darkened

Known issue:
- Using DX11MT on Brands Hatch leads to a crash at Pilgrims Drop

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