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Project CARS reaches target funding

Martin Bigg On November 11, 2012

Today marks a landmark day for the ongoing development of Project CARS.

13 months ago in October 2011, developer Slightly Mad Studios embarked on an ambitious development plan for PC sim Project CARS. In a unique scheme they called World of Mass Development, the idea was to get the community actively involved in the project, provide feedback, and independently fund the development of the game. In return, users that signed up to one of the priced tool packs would get full access to work-in-progress beta builds of the game as the development progressed. 

Many were skeptical about such a radical scheme that bypasses the need for a publisher altogether. But naysayers be damned, as Slightly Mad Studios has now successfully accumulated their target funding of 3.75 million Euros, thus putting Project CARS into full development on the road for a final release in 2013.

We're delighted to see Slightly Mad Studio's vision of World of Mass Development come into fruition. It's a testament to the passionate community and a significant step forward for independently-developed racing games that aren't tied to publisher constraints. 

Unfortunately for those still wanting to get involved, you're out of luck. With funding now complete, tool packs are no longer available to purchase to gain access to the beta builds, so you'll have to wait until the final release in late 2013 to test drive Project CARS. Still, at least it gives you ample time to beef up your PC hardware, right?

In case you needed reminding just why we're so excited about Project CARS, check out the latest sumptuous community gallery which effectively shows off its impressive graphical prowess over on our Facebook page.

Remember that these screenshots were all sourced by community players, so there's no in-house Photoshop trickery going on here - this is genuinely how Project CARS actually looks in-game. Staggering when you consider there's still a year to wait until the final release. 

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