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New Willow Springs circuit revealed in Gran Turismo 6 E3 gameplay video with full replay

Martin Bigg On June 15, 2013

It's been revealed that one of the seven new tracks to feature in Gran Turismo 6 will be the US Willow Springs circuit, a track that is not often seen in racing games. 

It's surprising, to be honest, as Willow Springs has a lot of racing pedigree. Founded in 1952, Willow Springs is heralded as one of the most challenging and diverse tracks in the US with its rapid elevation changes and high speed sections. It's also notable for being the very track that Tom Cruise showed off his driving prowess on by driving a Red Bull F1 car for 24 laps, reaching a top speed of 181 MPH. 

The Willow Springs circuit was on-show at the E3 Gran Turismo 6 demo. Naturally, we asked our cameraman to record it in action:  

Again, it's clear that Polyphony have done a commendable job replicating the scale of the desert circuit as they squeeze every last juice out of the ageing PS3.

We also get a first glimpse at GT6's replays, and we're relieved to see that Polyphony haven't overlooked their importance unlike many contemporary racing games. Indeed, GT6's TV-style replay camera angles look great, and do a terrific job of capturing the track action with cinematic flair, with a great mix of drive-by and follow cameras focusing on the car as well as overhead shots that showcase the layout of the track and do it justice.  

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