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Mystery Nissan coming to Gran Turismo 6 on June 10th

James Allen On June 5, 2014

Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital has hinted at a new Nissan coming to Gran Turismo 6 on June 10th.

First hinted at on the official Gran Turismo Facebook page, the mystery car will not only be joining the 148 other Nissans currently featured in Gran Turismo 6, but also "open the next chapter" in "Nissan's story".

Additional details on the new car are practically non-existant at time of writing, though the solitary preview we have of the vehicle does suggest the Nissan will be more outlandish and aggressive than the company's current road car range in terms of exterior design.

Given the scheduled reveal date of June 10th also coincides with the first full day of the E3 expo, it's possible that more information on the mystery Nissan will be showcased for the first time at the Los Angeles-based trade show.

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