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Milestone's "MXMProject" is MotoGP '13

James Allen On January 14, 2013
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For the best part of six weeks, Milestone's once enigmatic "MXMProject" was the source of much head-scratching: whilst, in the last few days, it became increasingly obvious that the teased title involved motorbikes, what the clues were previewing was still up for speculation.

As of today, though, the suspense is finally over: Milestone's new racing title is MotoGP '13.

With the re-aquisition of the MotoGP licence (the Italian developer last had the rights four years ago), Milestone's upcoming game will focus predominantly on this year's MotoGP season, along with 2013's Moto2 and Moto3 championships, and thus feature all the tracks, the riders and the bikes in the trio of racing series'.

Milestone's goals for MotoGP '13 seem to be very similar to Codemaster's intentions with the F1 licence, in that this video game adaptation will let you play "through the eys of a real MotoGP rider"(though you can choose between a first and third-person viewpoint whilst on-track): not only can you compete in the 2013 championship in the career mode, but the IRTA test session is also featured in the game, along with the expected quick play and multiplayer elements.

Also, MotoGP will feature what Milestone says will be a "constantly online-updated feed of events inspired by the actual races". Though we're yet to be provided with more specific details on what this entails, the prospect of this is quite interesting, especially given the success of similar events in other racing games, such as the Forza franchise (Rivals Mode), Gran Turismo 5 (Seasonal Events) and F1 2012 (Community Challenge).

As expected, Milestone also has high hopes for the improved physics, environmental effects and graphics (we assume powered by the Spike Engine physics engine that debuted in WRC3).

No launch dates have been set in stone as of yet, but a release window has been set for June this year. And, given the critical success that Milestone has had with its SBK series, us here at Team VVV certainly have high hopes with the Italian developer's return to the MotoGP franchise.

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Marco Maas On 2013-01-17 13:08:13
Marco Maas

Lovely to see that Milestone will support the Vita again!!!

Should be a good motorace game.


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Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Yes its a shame the hardware manufacturers are taking this stance. 

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Raditya Indera Raditya Indera
this will be the first f1 i'll skip since 10. waiting for 15 i think will be much more sensible than splashing cash on both of them

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Raditya Indera Raditya Indera
not sure how i can get a hand on this, considering the country that i'm in, hey ho that's life 

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Raditya Indera Raditya Indera
when it's going to be released, isn't it in september?

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surely wheels on console are going backwards. unbless you have 1000$ to spend on a wheel which bseems rather ridic for console

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