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Kazunori hints at Ayrton Senna content for GT6 in May 2014

Martin Bigg On December 9, 2013
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Among Gran Turismo 6's many surprises before its launch was the announcement that the legendary Ayrton Senna will be gracing the series in future content. It was something of a breakthrough considering the late driver's legacy hasn't been commemorated in a game until now. 

Exactly what sort of content we can expect to see was left to our imagination however, as was a release date. A new interview with series creator Kazunori Yamauchi over on GTPlanet sheds some light on the subject however, hinting that the Senna-related content will be appear in GT6 around May 2014:

“In regards to the collaborations we’re going to do with the Ayrton Senna institute, the goal is to do something around May of next year, which would be the 20th year after his passing" says Kazunori.

“Honestly speaking, I think Senna, his figure is just someone who is forever in history, and there is no need for us to re-express what he is. But there is a generation of Gran Turismo players who don’t know who Ayrton Senna is, and I thought that it was our last opportunity to convey who he was to that generation, because it’s already been twenty years."

“I thought he might end up being a figure like Jim Clark, and I thought the idea of someone like Ayrton Senna being half-forgotten, it’s just something I could not let go. Right now, today, is really our last opportunity to remind people of him while exposing him to a new generation. When I went to Brazil and spoke to his family, we shared the same feelings about this, and I was told that when Senna’s mother viewed the opening movie that you saw yesterday, she said it put her in tears and said that it was wonderful.”

The insightful interview also delves into other GT6 hot topics, such as why GT6 wasn't released on PS4 and exactly what influenced Kaz to feature a Lunar Moon Buggy. 

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