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Gran Turismo 6 - All The Compatible Racing Wheels

James Allen On November 5, 2013
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As you can see from the homepage of the Team VVV website, there's been quite a lot of Gran Turismo 6 news as of late: the game's full track list has been confirmed, and at least a majority of the cars have all been announced in the latest roster update.

Whilst they're fascinating and interesting in their own right, the devoted racing game fans we - and, presumably, quite a lot of you as well - are means we've one last question to ask: what are all the compatible racing wheels?

Thankfully,Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital has confirmed all of the peripherals that will be officially supported on Gran Turismo 6, and (as expected) you'll only need to invest in a new wheel for the most part if you're planning on upgrading from what you used to race on Gran Turismo 5 with.

Thrustmaster's T500 RS wheel (pictured) headlines the lot, as expected from a setup that's been endorsed by Polyphony, and was the official wheel for Gran Turismo 5. At £449.99, it's by no means the cheapest wheel on the market, but you're certainly paying for a top-notch piece of kit that's also compatible with certain racing games on the PC.

At the lower end of the price range are wheels all made by Logitech, and by golly you have an extensive range to pick from if you haven't already snapped up the admittedly rather expensive T500:

  • The Driving Force series (Driving Force, Driving Force GT and Driving Force Pro)
  • The GT Force series (GT Force, GT Force Pro and GT Force RX)
  • The 'G' series (G25 Racing Wheel and G27 Racing Wheel)
The eagle eyed amongst you will know that all of these wheels are also compatible with Gran Turismo 5, so there's no need to buy one of these unless you plan on playing Gran Turismo 6 with something a bit more upmarket than what you're already racing with.

We have heard tales of GT5 racers who are using unsupported wheels with no issues at all, but - to be on the safe side - we'd recommend you look around the Internet for deals on the Logitech wheels if you're budget can't quite stretch to the Thrustmaster. The PS3-spec Driving Force models  in particular tend to be the cheapest on Amazon and eBay by comfortable margins to their G-Series and GT Force cousins, so that's where we'd urge those with tighter wallets and purses to start scrolling through.

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Alexandra Perreira On 2013-12-11 09:53:58
Alexandra Perreira

When can we expact this steering wheel to be in South Africa?


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