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Gran Turismo 5's last ever update patch to be released on May 31st

James Allen On May 26, 2014

The last ever update patch for Gran Turismo 5 will be released this Saturday, to coincide with the termination all of the game's online services and features.

Officially noted (without much fanfare from developer Polyphony Digital) on the Gran Turismo website, the '2.16' update patch for GT5 will be made available for players to download this Saturday on May 31st from 4PM British Summer Time.

Polyphony Digital has also confirmed the update will disable the following elements of Gran Turismo 5, which all require an Internet connection to operate:

  • DLC option from Main Menu
  • Consecutive Log-In Bonus
  • Open Lobby (i.e. online races)
  • Seasonal Events
  • Online Dealerships
  • Car Delivery (in-game cars rewarded to players as 'gift tickets' )
  • The entire 'Community' section
  • Gran Turismo TV (no videos can be bought from GT TV from May 31st, but players can still view clips they've purchased until the expiry date)

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