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Forza Motorsport 5 'The Smoking Tire Car Pack' slated for February 4th release

James Allen On January 30, 2014
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The third major post-launch DLC pack for Forza Motorsport 5 - the 'The Smoking Tire Car Pack - has been announced by Microsoft Studios, ahead of its release next week on February 4th.

Named after the popular web-based automotive video series, the The Smoking Tire Car pack will end up adding ten cars to the Xbox One's system-seller racing game, ranging from tyre-shredding compacts like the Abarth Punto Supersport and Chevrolet Nova SS, right up to the track-inspired Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale and Maserati MC12.

The pack will be priced at £6,99 when it's released this coming Tuesday on the Xbox Games Store (those who bought the Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass will have immediate access to the bundle's 10 cars on February 4th). Whilst it's possible to buy individual cars in The Smoking Tire Car Pack, those who purchase the entire set will have the aforementioned Alfa 33 Stradale automatically gifted to their in-game garage.

Speaking of the entire DLC bundle, below's a full run-down of all the cars available in Forza Motorsport 5's car pack for February:

  • 2013 Abarth Punto Supersport - The spiritual successor to the iconic 127 Sport, and better known to us Brits as the 'Abarth Grande Punto Esseesse'. We'll let you make your mind up about the overall aesthetics...
  • 2000 BMW Z8 - BMW's retro, millenial tribute to the stunningly beautiful 507 roadster from the Fifties. Many car enthusiasts wept slightly upon seeing the Z8 get sliced up in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough...
  • 1994 Nissan Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo - In layman's terms, the most potent road-legal example of the targa-topped 300ZX sports car. Would make an awesome in-game touge car, if the Fukimi Kaido route was retained in Forza Motorsport 5...
  • 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air - Not the Firebird of Smokey and the Bandit fame, but still an important footnote in Pontiac's history. Primarily due to it being one of the last Firebird variants the company made before being closed down in 2010.
  • 2011 Ferrari FF - Not the first all-wheel drive grand tourier - Jensen's FF (name similarity pure coincidence, we promise you!) beat the Fezza by nearly forty years - but arguably the fastest 4WD four-seater production car on sale today.
  • 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale - As it's name suggests, the homologated road-legal version of Alfa's mid-engined 33 racing car. It's cars as beautiful as this that make the Forzavista mode seem worth investigating...
  • 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS - How to make a Chevy Nove SS: take a gargantuan 6.5 litre V8 engine, and shoehorn it into one of the smallest family cars that Chevrolet made in the Sixties. Perhaps the epitome of American pre-oil crisis automotive excess.
  • 2004 Maserati MC12 - Much like the Ferrari Enzo on which it's based, only faster. With no word on the MC12 GT1 racing car coming to Forza Motorsport 5, it'll be interesting to see just what the tuning options are for the fastest Maserati ever built.
  • 1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185 - A mouthful of a car name, but we'll let it off. Mainly because this car, in full-on WRC specification, won rally legends Carlos Sainz, Juha Kankkunen and Didier Auriol their Drivers' Championships in 1992, 1993 and 1994 respectively.
  • 1995 Audi RS2 Avant - The first full-on RS car made by Audi, and revered today as being a future classic in the making. Also co-developed by Porsche, though you'd be hard pressed to find any statement from Audi that exclpicitly mentions that...

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Alan did you ever play Race Pro from Atari for Xbox 360? I actually played it when it first came out then started playing Forza and I forgot about the game. Thing is the Formula 3000 part of the game was great and the tracks were awesome. Check it out. LOL started playing it again


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