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Carmageddon Reincarnation splatters onto Steam Early Access

Martin Bigg On March 30, 2014
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Racing games don't come more controversial than Carmageddon. In 1997, it was up there with GTA in the video game nasties hall of fame. This was a game that depicted graphic scenes of cars ploughing into pedestrians, so It's difficult to see why.

Things are a little different now in 2014, and Carmageddon's ultra violence just isn't as shocking as it used to be. With this in mind, I was curious to see if the series could stay relevant when Carmageddon Reincarnation was given the greenlight following its successufl Kickstarter campaign a couple of years ago after original developer Stainless Games reacquired the series.

We can find out for ourselves however - as of now, Carmageddon Reincarnation is available to order on Steam Early Access. To celebrate, Stainless Games have released a lovely cheery promotional video that perfectly illustrates their warped, sadistic sense of humour.

If you feel guilty smiling at the sight a deranged driver running over an old lady with a school bus, then don't. I giggled too.   

The current Early Access build includes three stages all at various stages of completion, along with six series-favourite cars to wreak havoc in, plus "a plethora of mad PowerUps to play with." It can currently be bought on Steam for £20.00, which is cheaper than what the final release will retail for.

Keep in mind that Carmageddon Reincarnation is far from complete, and is still at an alpha stage of development. As such, the graphics look a little rough around the edges with unfinsihed textures, and the game's performance is said to be unstable at the moment.  

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Daniel Seger Daniel Seger
Agreed! Cant wait until november. By the way in the 5th video of 9 "PCars UI: SOLO" i noticed theyre using a tune that was in GTR 2 smile

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Dan Corley Dan Corley
Its a shame that they're shutting down but it should mean that Raceroom improves as in my opinion its lagging behind the other main sims (surely this must be the main cause for their bankruptcy?) The game has potential and an acceptable amount of content to buy, however I think the prices for individual cars and tracks is a little steep considering the quality of them compared to Assetto Corsa...

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Tim Goodchild Tim Goodchild
Always feel these sorts of packs are all very,,,meh. But how you can include a Merc in a "Best of British" baffles me, regardless of where it was built.  Surely there are better example of British sportscars from the past that can be used?  Anyway, microtransactions are the way forward and I like DLC but throw in a track or something, no?

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Tim Goodchild Tim Goodchild
Just need the games room to be sorted...might have to just check this out on a friends setup instead. ;o)

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Tim Goodchild Tim Goodchild
...and less shiny graphics. Not everything in real life looks brand new all the time.

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