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Carmageddon Reincarnation obliterates 400k Kickstarter target

Martin Bigg On May 27, 2012
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You may remember we reported on Stainless Games seeking Kickstarter funding for Carmageddon Reincarnation, the planned reboot for the controversial car combat series. 

With ten days to spare, their target of $400k has now been reached meaning that, if everything goes according to plan, we should now see the project finished for a February 2012 release, with console versions to follow later in the year. Pledgers will receive full access to builds of the game as they are released in the same vein as Project CARS, along with additional rewards.

To celebrate the achievement, Stainless posted a video of a slightly delerious developer's reaction: 

It also seems that Stainless have big plans for the Carmageddon series in the future. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, co-founder Neil Barnden revealed that Carmageddon Reincarnation will act as a reboot for the original game, but their ultimate game is to create an "all bells and whistles" triple-A release.

"We don't feel that we have the time - or, we've scheduled, in terms of features for this game - for it to be a lot more than a reboot of the original. That's because that with some concessions to modern day gaming, such as achievements and some additional challenges, we really feel that the original gameplay stands up to being reintroduced to the gaming community - to let them have the harmless fun and various ways of completing the goals in the game that the original had."

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Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Yes its a shame the hardware manufacturers are taking this stance. 

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this will be the first f1 i'll skip since 10. waiting for 15 i think will be much more sensible than splashing cash on both of them

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Raditya Indera Raditya Indera
not sure how i can get a hand on this, considering the country that i'm in, hey ho that's life 

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Raditya Indera Raditya Indera
when it's going to be released, isn't it in september?

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surely wheels on console are going backwards. unbless you have 1000$ to spend on a wheel which bseems rather ridic for console

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