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Ayrton Senna Tribute launches in Gran Turismo 6 V1.08 update

James Allen On May 30, 2014
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The latest update for Gran Turismo 6 has been released, adding the much anticipated "Ayrton Senna Tribute" content to the PS3-exclusive racing game.

Arguably the most eagerly awaited aspect of GT6 V1.08, the latest version of the game allows players to get behind the wheel of three racing cars driven by the late Ayrton Senna over the course of his career in motorsports, ranging from his humble racing kart to his championship-winning Formula Three single seater and the Lotus 97T he used to secure his first ever pole positions and race wins in Formula One.

Players will be able to acquire the three cars through the new "Ayrton Senna" category in Gran Turismo 6's in-game car dealerships, as well as through participating in a series of 'Ayrton Senna Tribute' special events.

Three new Senna racing suits for the in-game avatar to wear - the 'Ayrton Senna 1980', 'Ayrton Senna 1983' and 'Ayrton Senna 1985' - are also available for players to acquire, and accompany the 'Ayrton Senna 1988' outfit that's already available in Gran Turismo 6.

Finally, Gran Turismo 6 V1.08 marks the unexpected arrival of a new Vision Gran Turismo car in the game: Mitsubishi's Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo, a hybrid competition car that pays tribute to Mitsubishi's links to the World Rally Championship and the Dakar Rally.

As with previous Vision Gran Turismo releases, the new Mitsubishi design study can be acquired either through the 'Vision Gran Turismo' section in Gran Turismo 6 with in-game credits, or collected for free by participating in a new Seasonal Event.

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Community Activity

Dan Corley Dan Corley
Theres apparently a way to unlock it to 60fps if you change a value in the files and it doesn't break the game like it did with Rivals. Although I don't know how Ubisoft would feel about people doing so, it could result in a ban so I guess its best to put up with 30 fps.

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Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Yes it will be locked at 30fps on all formats, its a shame the PC version has been restricted in this way (much like NFS Rivals) but either way the open world will get good fun to explore. You can expect a stack of videos nearer launch.

Topic: The Crew closed beta test brought forward to July 21stView

Dan Corley Dan Corley
Apparently the beta is locked at 30 fps on PC. I really hope the full PC release is unlocked because 30 fps may be a deal breaker for me. Admittedly though some games are more playable than others at 30 fps, unfortunately didn't get into the beta so I don't know what it plays like.

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Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Every car in AC is so unique and feels so natural that it's genuinely exciting when we see something new. I look forward to testing this and the eagle eyed will have spotted it racing round an as yet unreleased Spa. 

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Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Is 3 cars enough for a pack? Is £1 per car worth it? Hmm it feels like 5-6 would have made for a better selection, I hope to test these out next week.

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