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Assetto Corsa tech demo "on the fire"

James Allen On January 7, 2013

The road that leads to Assetto Corsa's eventual launch has been a relatively long and bumpy one for the sim racer's developer, Kunos Simulazioni. With both the title itself and the 'Technology Preview" demo being delayed last year, the only positive bit of news regarding Assetto Corsa in the last few months was the announcement of the Ferrari licence acquisition.

However, it seems we can now definitely say that the Assetto Corsa tech demo is just beyond the horizon, and should hopefully be available to download and try out sooner rather than later.

Stefano Casillo - the head honcho at Kunos - declared on his Twitter page that the demo is, if all goes well, soon to be with us.

"The infamous Tech Preview has been FINALLY put on the fire.,, let’s see how long it’ll take to cook"

Other announcements from Casillo on Twitter make reference to what will, might and certainly won't make it into the demo - there'll be no multiplayer in the tech demo, and vehicle damage also hasn't been confirmed as of yet (Casillo stated that, whilst they do "have plans", he can't say for definite at this moment in time " if we'll be able to implement these plans in time for v1.0" ).

Still, at least we now know for certain that steady progress is being made on the tech demo (as well as, we assume, the fully fleshed-out title) and - whilst we don't have an official release date for either the tech demo or the finished game - we reckon that, as we stated earlier, they can't be too far off now.

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