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Assetto Corsa pre-orders to commence this September

James Allen On September 4, 2013
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It's official, everyone: the Assetto Corsa pre-order books will open sometime before September draws to a close.

In a subtle announcement on Twitter, in response to a user enquiring about the pre-orders, Stefano Casillo (the head of AC developer Kunos Simulazioni) confirmed it will be possible to order the much-anticipated PC sim later this month, though Signor Casillo didn't state any precise dates.

As revealed earlier this year, pre-ordering won't just guarantee a copy of the title on launch day, but it also bundles in the first DLC pack - including Spa-Franchorchamps and "some car models" - at no additional cost. The pack should be available between six to eight weeks after Assetto Corsa's eventual release date.

Hopefully this means Assetto Corsa will be retail-ready in the short term, so do keep checking back to the Team VVV website for future announcements on Kunos' eagerly awaited sim, along with all the latest racing game news.

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Community Activity

Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Yes the weather does look stunning, such a shame Sony are not willing to give us access at this stage.Would be great to get some footage and hands-on the the revised handling model. 

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Dan Corley Dan Corley
Got to agree, the weather is something else.

Topic: DriveClub PS4 bundle announced, dynamic weather showcasedView

Daz Webb Daz Webb
IMO the dynamic weather clips look stunning. You forget about the 30FPS limit in place when watching them.

Obviously can't speak for the effects it has on handling, but despite the delays Driveclub is shaping up to be a belter for us PS4 owners.

Topic: DriveClub PS4 bundle announced, dynamic weather showcasedView

Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
I agree, I wasn't enjoying the look or feel to the game as much after this current update. More of a sideways step in terms of progress, lets see how it evolved in future builds.

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Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Sure, I think its fair to say the series is living off a combination of its heitage and huge development budget in terms of current content.  In terms of professional racing, from a marketing standpoint you have the GT Academy but that really could be run on many games and simulations. 

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