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Williams Grove Speedway coming to iRacing and Williams Grove Speedway have announced plans to build a virtual version of the... Read More


iRacing: First Imola screenshots come to light

The development team at iRacing have unveiled the very first screenshots of Imola set to release for the PC... Read More


Dirt track and rallycross content coming soon to iRacing

Loose-terrain racing will soon be coming to the subscription-based PC racing sim iRacing. Originally... Read More


iRacing's 2016 season 2 build released

The development team at iRacing have today released their 2016 season 2 build of iRacing. The Highlight of... Read More


Mercedes AMG GT3 teaser trailer released for iRacing

iRacing will benefit from a number of new race cars when the very latest build releases on March 8. One... Read More


iRacing: Formula Renault 2.0 coming in days, new trailer

The Formula Renault 2.0 racer will be coming to PC racing sim iRacing on March 8. That is of course just... Read More


Audi R8 LMS GT3 teaser trailer released for iRacing

The iRacing development team have teased their upcoming Audi R8 LMS GT3 race car through a new video which... Read More


Formula Renault 2.0 coming to iRacing in March 2016 has confirmed the Formula Renault single seater racing car will be coming to its PC racing sim... Read More


Audi R8 LMS GT3 racing car coming to iRacing in March

The development team at iRacing will be bolstering their car list with the arrival of the Audi R8 LMS GT3... Read More


The 2016 Global Mazda MX-5 Cup car is coming to iRacing

The development team at PC racing sim iRacing have announced that the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Cup car will be the... Read More


iRacing: New build released, contains Nurburgring & McLaren F1...

The iRacing development team have released their very latest build for the well-respected PC racing sim... Read More


iRacing: Nurburgring coming in December

Five months have passed since the iRacing development team first teased the Nurburgring for their PC racing... Read More


Audi R8 LMS announced for iRacing have recently announced plans to bring the 2016 Audi R8 LMS to their PC racing... Read More


Dynamic tracks coming to iRacing on September 8

Starting September 8, all of iRacing's 70-plus racing tracks will feature the new dynamic race track... Read More


Corvette Daytona Prototype coming to iRacing in September 2015

The Corvette Daytona Prototype racing car will eventually be a playable in the subscription-based PC racing... Read More


Discounts on iRacing credits up for grabs in summer sale Motorsport Simulations are currently offering iRacing players discounts on in-game credits in... Read More


Circuit de la Sarthe announced for iRacing has confirmed the legendary Circuit de la Sarthe will be coming to its subscription-based... Read More


iRacing to sponsor Nurburgring round of Blancpain Endurance Championship

iRacing will be the official title sponsor of this year's Blancpain endurance race at the... Read More


'Dynamic' track simulation coming to iRacing

A new 'dynamic track' feature is currently in development for iRacing. Detailed in a new preview video,... Read More


iRacing: Season 3 build released

The development team at iRacing have released the season 3 build for their PC racing sim. Arguably the... Read More


iRacing: Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 coming in days, new trailer

We got our first glimpse of a 'clay render' of the DBR9 back in April, which then evolved in the final... Read More


iRacing announces new licensing agreement with Mercedes-Benz

The development team at PC racing sim iRacing have just announced that they have reached a licensing... Read More


iRacing: Aston Martin DBR9 final render revealed

The iRacing development team have released a screenshot showing the final render of the Aston Martin DBR9... Read More


iRacing: Five Flags Speedway track coming next month

The development team at iRacing have announced that the very next track to be included in their PC racing... Read More


iRacing's Nurburgring coming this fall, new preview video have just released a short documentary style video which gives us a behind the scenes look at... Read More

iRacingcom-secure-license-of-Englands-Rockingham-track secure license of England's Rockingham track announced yesterday that it has secured a new licensing agreement with Rockingham Motor... Read More


First glimpse of iRacing's Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 racing car

The development team at the much-respected PC racing simulation iRacing have just released their first ever... Read More


Blancpain-inspired GT racing series coming to iRacing

iRacing has confirmed two new virtual race series based on the Blancpain Sprint and Endurance championships... Read More


Monza and updated NASCAR trucks now available in iRacing

The latest season build for iRacing has been released, bringing more content and improvements to the... Read More


McLaren MP4-30 F1 car coming to iRacing has confirmed an all-new car for its subscription-based PC racing sim: the McLaren MP4-30... Read More


iRacing secures six-year NASCAR licensing extension

iRacing has extended its NASCAR licensing agreement, allowing the title to continue featuring official... Read More


First preview video of iRacing's Holden V8 Supercar released

iRacing's Holden V8 Supercar has been showcased yet again, this time in an all-new preview video. First... Read More


First render of iRacing's Holden V8 Supercar released has revealed the first preview image of its anticipated racing car, the Holden VF Commodore V8... Read More


Nürburgring Nordschleife coming to iRacing in 2015

The Nürburgring Nordschleife is one of the most notorious racetracks in the world, a challenging 12.9 mile... Read More


Aston Martin racing cars confirmed for iRacing has confirmed Aston Martin as the next car manufacturer to be represented in the PC racing... Read More


iRacing to sponsor Nurburgring 1000

iRacing has announced they will be sponsoring the Nurburgring 100 in Round 5 of the Blancpain Endurance... Read More


Chevrolet Camaro NASCAR stock car coming to iRacing

Chevrolet's Camaro NASCAR stock car has been confirmed as the next car coming to iRacing. Much like the... Read More


Dallara DW12 IndyCar added to iRacing has released an all-new single seater racing car for its popular PC racing sim: the Dallara... Read More


Getting back to iRacing

It’s been just over two years since my previous foray into the world of iRacing and getting back to it has... Read More


New content and customisation options come to iRacing in latest...

The latest iRacing build has just been released, adding a plethora of cars, more customisation features and... Read More


Wheel paint option coming to iRacing in impending update

An upcoming iRacing build is set to add a wheel paint option to the subscription-based PC racing... Read More


iRacing releases previews of upcoming Lucas Oil Raceway oval circuit

Just as season 2 of is about to commence, new previews of the upcoming Lucas Oil Raceway... Read More


iRacing teams up with Mazda Motorsport

iRacing has partnered with Mazda Motorsport as part of their driver development programme, presenting sim... Read More


GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams test drives the RUF Rt 12 in iRacing

The RUF Rt 12 was recently introduced to iRacers, so we handed over the keys to our very own tame racing... Read More


GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams' iRacing Career Episode 6: Laguna...

GT Academy UK finalist Neil Williams continues to chronicle his career in the world of the... Read More


iRacing's BMW Z4 GT3 and Circuit Of The Americas scheduled for April...

iRacing has confirmed the upcoming BMW Z4 GT3 and Circuit Of The Americas content for the PC racing sim... Read More


GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams' iRacing Career Episode 5: Laguna...

Neil's iRacing career continues in episode 5 of his vlog series with another race around Laguna Seca in the... Read More


GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams' iRacing Career Episode 4: Laguna...

Continuing our series chronicling GT Academy Finalist Neil William's iRacing career with another Mazda MX-5... Read More


Circuit of the Americas announced for iRacing in behind the scenes video

Circuit of the Americas is the next track to be added to iRacing, unveiled in a new behind the scenes video... Read More


PEAK offers iRacers a chance to drive a real Stock Car

iRacing has partnered with automobile fluids-manufacturer Peak to offer iRacers a chance to race in a... Read More


GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams' iRacing Career Episode 3: Laguna...

GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams returns for episode 3 of his series of iRacing videos chronicling his... Read More


GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams' iRacing Career Episode 2: Laguna...

GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams returns for the second episode chronicling his iRacing career in another... Read More


Super Late Stock Car and Ruf Rt 12R AWD arrive in iRacing

The Super Late Stock Car and the Ruf Rt 12R AWD road car are now available in iRacing, courtesy of a new... Read More


iRacing Open Wheel Triple Screen Practice Gameplay - Max Settings

With Alan's new triple screen PC gaming rig now fully set up, we thought we'd turn our attentions to one of... Read More


All-wheel drive Ruf Rt 12R previewed in latest iRacing promo trailer

The all-wheel drive (AWD) version of the Ruf Rt 12R has appeared in the latest promo reel published by... Read More


GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams' iRacing Career Episode 1: a...

You've requested it, and we've heard you: iRacing is returning to Team VVV in a big way. And it starts... Read More


First preview renders of iRacing's BMW Z4 GT3 and Dallara DW12 released has unveiled the first preview renders of the two racing cars it's currently developing for the... Read More


iRacing releases first preview render of Super Late Model stock car has released the first preview image of the latest new car that'll eventually be added to the... Read More


Iconic Imola track confirmed for iRacing in 2014

It's been an eventful week for the subscription-based PC sim iRacing, with the annual Race of Champions... Read More


Monza confirmed for eventual inclusion in iRacing has confirmed the latest track it'll be laser scanning for its subscription-based PC sim title... Read More


V8 Championship-Winning Holden VF Commodore available in iRacing...

iRacing will be welcoming a new muscle machine to its growing roster of licensed motorsport disciplines... Read More


iRacing video goes behind the scenes at Bathurst

The Mount Panorama circuit in Bathurst has debuted in a number of high profile racing games this year, but... Read More


New iRacing "Race with Us" trailer reveals RUF have put together a new rousing trailer for their subscription-based PC racing simulator,... Read More


Dallara DW12 IndyCar coming to iRacing has confirmed the Dallara DW12 - one of the fastest and most advanced single-seater racing cars... Read More


BMW Z4 GTE coming to iRacing have revealed the next car lined-up for their subscription-based PC sim: the BMW Z4 GTE. A... Read More

iRacingcom-trailer-showcases-Mt-Panorama-Bathurst-circuit trailer showcases Mt. Panorama Bathurst circuit

iRacers can now race on Mt. Panorama, the famous Australian circuit in Bathurst that has debuted in several... Read More


Racing pros gather for third Pro Race of Champions next...

iRacing's ambition to blur the boundaries between real and virtual motorsport continues, as a number of... Read More


iRacing gets Greenlit on Steam

iRacing has shown significant growth lately as its passionate racing community continues to expand. If the... Read More


Bathurst coming soon to iRacing in new build

Adding the Bathurst track seems to be an unwritten rule for new racing games this year. Both Forza... Read More


800 million laps raced in iRacing

It's been a long journey for the subscription-based PC sim iRacing. Since launching in 2008, it's built up... Read More


First iRacing render of NASCAR Ford Mustang released has revealed the first in-game look at its upcoming automotive addition - the Ford Mustang... Read More


Bathurst revealed in latest iRacing preview has revealed the first in-game look at the latest track to the subsciption PC sim: the... Read More


iRacing launches on Linux

After recently announcing a Mac version, iRacing have now launched their reputable online racing simulation... Read More


Console racers frequently flock to PC's iRacing

For avid petrolheads who want the most realistic sim racing experience possible, there's no substitute for... Read More


iRacing Ruf RT-12R screenshots released

In the racing game world, RUF, a German manufacturer renowned for building their cars based on Porsches,... Read More


iRacing Circuit Gilles Villeneuve screenshots released

New screenshots for iRacing have surfaced, showcasing a brand new track currently in development: the... Read More


Eight iRacing drivers join NASCAR Next

The GT Academy has been a resounding success when it comes to discovering untapped talent on the track,... Read More


Five years of IRacing reaches three quarters of a billion laps

This summer marks 5 years since the launch of subscription-based PC sim iRacing. Since then, iRacing has... Read More


iRacing Beginners Guide

Taking the step into the world of PC simulations can appear daunting at first, are they harder to play?... Read More


iRacing Effects and 5 Screen videos

It’s not long now till I begin my long awaited iRacing career, but besides watching Talladega Nights and... Read More

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