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Travis Petrovic

Played the Xbox demo and really enjoyed the experience & the PC demo was released recently and I can tell the VVV team that the PC version looks like a modern game. Kudos to Milestone for making a nice looking PC game.

One issue is the 4xAA option kills frame rate for Nvidia users confused My videocard allows me to play F1 2012 with ultra settings & HD car liveries (found on RaceDepartment) at an average of 67fps per the in-game benchmarking tool and I can hotlap in pCARS with all the graphical settings at maximum and get a constant 90fps yet the frame rate in WRC 3 dies with just 4xAA - the frame rate down from 100fps (no AA) to well under 50 fps (4xAA)

ATI GPU owners don't appear to have an issue so I hope Milestone fix the issue.

Handling is fine with an Xbox controller but I can't get to terms with using my G27 despite fettling with the settings.

Travis Petrovic

By: Andre Oliveira
Hi everyone! I've got a problem with this game...
Every game sound is working perfectly, when i start a stage i hear the environment sound, the car engine sound, the co-driver starts the countdown... when the co-driver says GO, the engine sound goes off. I can hear everything except for the sound of the car engine and it's driving me insane.
Anyone has any clue? I tried updating everything, tried different sound setings in the game, always the same result.
Please help.
Thanks in advance
Check the Green Man Gaming forums as I believe this is a common issue with the downloadable version of WRC 3.

Luke gr

In case you haven't discovered yet: ALL career cars are available for single stage/single rally! Stay to Road To Glory, pick any event, select 'free run', choose 'Single stage/single rally' and finally pick any car, from any class you wish!

Matt Fearon

Been meaning to register for the forums. Just wanted to say thanks Alan, all the video's and coverage of what is my most anticipated game in years, really exciting! I am a huge rally and rally game fan from way back since the days of Colin McRae 2.0 for PSX. WRC 2 stays in my PS3 constantly and I can't wait for WRC 3!!!

Alan Boiston

Thanks Matt, always appreciated. Glad you're enjoying the game and give us your feedback.

If in doubt, flat out.

Luke gr

Great news for all WRC3 fans!

Matthew Cummins

I'm loving this game at the moment, it's fun and really realistic. It reminds of dirt 1 with the extended stages and so on. However there are two things that annoy me, the sound and that all the wrc cars have the same interior :(

I love the BTCC supporting Mat Jackson, Tom Onslow Cole, Paul O'Neill, Jason Plato and Frank Wrathall

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is there any users still here for WRC 3 the forum is dead?


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Daz Webb Daz Webb
Those tyres on the Lotus are really not suited to the extremely wet track, lol.

Surely SMS can kit it out with some wet weather rubber?

Topic: Project CARS's dynamic weather effects previewed in latest screenshotsView

Dan Corley Dan Corley
I'll look forward to it and for once I'm not bothered wether its DLC or not because in terms of racing sims, Assetto Corsa is definitely more friendly on your pocket - free multiplayer etc. I hope that doesn't change when it leaves early access.

Topic: Kunos Simulazioni releases first Assetto Corsa preview of Alfa Romeo 4C sports carView

Dan Corley Dan Corley
Its nice to see that they're not using lens flare, it really annoys me when its used in cockpit view because cockpit view is often for a more realistic driving experience yet it can be ruined by lens flare which is an effect only present on lenses (unsurprisingly). *ehem* Next Car Game *ehem*.

Topic: Project CARS's dynamic weather effects previewed in latest screenshotsView

Alan Boiston Alan Boiston
Yes this certainly has huge potential and mixing bikes with cars could be a good thing in terms of investment. Bike games have often been a mixed bag in terms of reception, so perhaps we'll see some bikes in GT7 and then if that works out, a full blown Tourist Trophy 2 further down the line. 

Topic: Bikes and Isle of Man TT Circuit planned for Gran Turismo 7?View

Ronin 05 Ronin 05
I'm not going to get my hopes up because there have been too many rumors for far to long.  But after GT6 the only thing that would make me buy another GT title would be the addition of bikes (and a good selection of those at that).

In regards to Tourist Trophy, that game still holds up today.   Not perfect (bikes a tad to floatly) but over all it gave me the closest sense of how it feels to...

Topic: Bikes and Isle of Man TT Circuit planned for Gran Turismo 7?View