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Developer: Milestone
Publisher: BigBen Interactive
Year: 2013
Platforms: PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PC

Latest News


Sony slashes racing game prices in temporary February PS Store sale

Sony has heavily reduced the prices for a number of the racing game currently listed on the PlayStation... Read More


Milestone releases first patch for WRC4

The first patch for WRC4 has just been released across all of its compatible platforms, adding an array of... Read More


WRC 4 Review

‘Authenticity’ is Milestone’s favourite word. For years, the Italian developer has focused on niche racing... Read More


WRC Evolved: the Rallies of WRC 4

It's that time of year again. Milestone's latest rally simulation WRC 4 has landed, and here at TeamVVV... Read More


WRC 4 car list revealed

As WRC 4 gears up for its release in under two weeks time, Milestone have confirmed the car list and... Read More


WRC 4 demo sliding onto PSN and XBLA next week, new screenshots released

Just 13 days remain at the time of writing before Milestone release WRC 4, and while you've no doubt been... Read More


WRC 4 Vita gameplay - Australia and Portugal

Time now for another look at WRC 4 on the PlayStation Vita as our preview coverage on Milestone's latest... Read More


First look at WRC 4 hands-on preview video

Our much-anticipated WRC 4 preview coverage starts here.  Last year, we blew the doors wide open in WRC 3... Read More


WRC 4 Preview Event

With WRC 4 now less than a month away from skidding onto consoles and PC, Alan jetted off to Milan to... Read More


WRC 4 Vita first look gameplay video - Italy

Our extensive WRC 4 preview coverage kicks off with a first look at the Vita version, as Milestone continue... Read More


WRC 4 gameplay trailer reprises Australia

Continuing Milestone's series of WRC 4 gameplay videos as the game nears its release at the end of this... Read More


WRC 4 gameplay trailer takes us through Germany's winding roads

Milestone have released the second official gameplay run-through of WRC 4, this time taking us on a tour of... Read More


WRC 4 trailer showcases new lighting and weather effects

Milestone have been a little on the quiet side when it comes to official WRC 4 gameplay videos lately,... Read More


Interview: Sébastien Pellicano on WRC 4's new physics, stages,...

As part of our Gamescom coverage on WRC 4, Alan spoke with Game Director Sébastien Pellicano to find out... Read More


WRC 4 Gamescom hands-on reveals new improved audio

One of WRC 3's most common criticisms was its weedy engine sound effects - a problem that was seemingly... Read More


WRC 4 gameplay video showcases improved Finland stage

Following their teaser trailer in the run-up to Gamescom, Milestone has released a more extended look at... Read More


First WRC 4 trailer: Rally Sweeden

Ahead of its reveal next week at Gamescom, Milestone have released the first teaser trailer for WRC 4,... Read More


WRC4 officially announced for October

We were all speculating it was in the pipeline whilst Milestone remained silent in order to focus on... Read More

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