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TeamVVV's PSVR Impressions podcast

We have been busy with PlayStation's virtual reality headset of late and decide to get together for a chat...


The TeamVVV Podcast Episode 16: Mantis Burn Racing, Assetto Corsa...

Welcome to another installment of the TeamVVV Podcast for all your weekly racing game rambles.  This week...


Project CARS: racing at the classic Rouen Les Essarts

We take a visit back in time to the classic Rouen Les Essarts track in Project CARS in our latest gameplay...


Redout career play through part 3

We continue our Redout career play through with the third video as seen below. Kicking off we take part in...


Gas Guzzlers Extreme needs more fuel in the tank on Xbox One

I'll admit I was looking forward to the belated release of Gas Guzzlers Extreme on consoles, which was...


Driveclub VR first look

We take our first look at Driveclub VR using the recently released PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset. We start...


Preview: Does DriveClub dazzle in VR?

The obvious advantage to attending public game conventions like EGX is that you get to play the latest...


Assetto Corsa PS4 career video 9: Intermediate Series 3 part 1

We have managed to progress to the Intermediate Series 3 which features the fantastic Ferrari 458 Italia...


Redout: Cairo SRRL challenge with warp gates gameplay

We continue our career play through of Redout on the PC with a race like nothing you've ever seen...


Here's our first impressions of WRC 6

We share our first impressions of WRC 6 in our latest gameplay video while we take on a stage in...


WRC 6 PS4 preview gameplay - Finland stage

During our recent visit to Kylotonn Games' studio for a behind the scenes look at WRC 6, most of our...


Here's our collection of let's play videos for Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 is shaping up to be the best racer of the year thanks to it's lusciously detailed...


First look of the Tropical Ice DLC for Table Top Racing

The Tropical Ice DLC pack for Table Top Racing was a welcome addition when it released a little while back....


WRC 6 PS4 Overview video

We take WRC 6 for a spin in our latest overview video where we take a look at the game's various tracks,...


WRC 6 video preview and Kylotonn studio visit

We recently had the opportunity to visit Kylotonn Games studio in Paris for a behind the scenes look at WRC...


Check out some of Ride 2's content with our overview video

Ride 2 by developer Milestone is just days away from its release on Friday, October 7 and we decide to dive...


Assetto Corsa PS4 career video 8: Intermediate Series 2 Part 2

We conclude our participation in Assetto Corsa's Intermediate Series 2 with our second video. Once again...


Redout career play through part 2

We conclude the class 1 races in the second part of our career play through of the futuristic racer Redout...


2016: A PS4 Pro odyssey (our take on the PS4 Pro reveal)

We take inspiration from the 1968 sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey as we do our best to describe our...


Assetto Corsa PS4 career video 7 - Intermediate Series 2 Part 1

The Intermediate Series 2 awaits us in our latest career video for Assetto Corsa running on the PlayStation...


Here's part 1 of our Redout career play through

We kick off a new series of play through videos for the rather fast-paced and fun racer Redout with part 1...


Ride 2 exclusive PS4 gameplay & Team VVV chat impressions

We recently got our hands on the upcoming two-wheeled title Ride 2 from Milestone and decide to share our...


Here's our first attempt at drifting in Assetto Corsa

We ditch the serious racing action in favour of some drifting in our latest Assetto Corsa gameplay...


Assetto Corsa PS4 Career 06 Int 1 Series

We continue our career playthrough of Assetto Corsa with the first part of the Intermediate 1 series. The...

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