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Flatout 4: Total Insanity overview video

The much-loved Flatout series sees a return this month, however the original developer BugBear have long...


MXGP 3 reveal gameplay & impressions part 1

The third installment of the MXGP series will shake things up with the newly added dynamic weather and...


Comparing night & snow in Project CARS 2 vs DiRT Rally

In light of the recent Project CARS 2 footage which surfaced recently, we couldn't help but compare it with...


We go for some real-world drifting at Santa Pod

Our resident drifting expert Ed recently took to Santa Pod for some real-world drifting. Ed first warms up...


Here's Team VVV's reveal Impressions of GRAVEL

Following the announcement of Milestone's off-road arcade racer GRAVEL, we assemble the team once more to...


We assemble the team to talk MXGP 3 with exclusive gameplay

We blow in to the shell Anchorman style to assemble every member of Team VVV to have a chat about the...


We chat to the head of game design to discuss GRAVEL & MXGP 3

We caught up with the head of game design at Milestone Irvin Zonca to discuss the newly announced off-road...


Driving down memory lane with the classic OutRun

Our very next trip down memory lane brings us to the arcade classic OutRun. Instead of looking at the...


Taking on WRC 6's Sweden with no handbrake

In light of the recent real-world rally of Sweden, we decided to take on WRC 6's version of the iconic...


Project CARS 2: Reveal impressions and team chat

We were lucky enough to attend the recent Project CARS 2 reveal event and get our hands on with a work in...


Project CARS 2 Andy Tudor Interview

Slightly Mad Studios' Creative Director Andy Tudor took some time out of his busy schedule to have a chat...


Daytona 3 Arcade provided a disappointing experience

We were lucky enough to sample the very latest Daytona arcade title recently. The racer formally known as...


Ride 2: Taking on the Ulster GP road circuit

In light of the recent Ride 2 Rising Sun Bikes Pack DLC, we decide to run one of the new bikes around the...


Team VVV Video Podcast 30: DiRT 4, Project CARS 2, MXGP 3

Welcome to the latest episode of the Team VVV Video Podcast for all your weekly racing game rambles. In...


Check out the amazing cars on offer at the London Toy Fair 2017

We visited the London Toy Fair recently and couldn't help but be dazzled by all the automotive...


A Look back at the Playstation Demo 1

Those of you that have purchased an original PlayStation may remember a certain disc bundled in known as...


The first FlatOut 4: Total Insanity trailer is here, March 2017...

We would pretend to be surprised about the re-reveal of FlatOut 4: Total Insanity, which you may recall was...


Here's our choice highlights of the 2017 Arcade Show

We attended the recently held Arcade Show at the Excel Centre in East London which is becoming one of our...


We revisit the PlayStation 1 defining classic racer Wipeout

We get all nostalgic and wipe the dust off our original PlayStation 1 console to try our hand at some...


Getting to grips with Formula Fusion's recent large update

Formula Fusion underwent a large update just before Christmas so we thought it was time we jumped on the...


Braving Resident Evil VII using the PSVR

We are big fans of Resident Evil here at Team VVV and after some disappointing entries into the series, we...


Team VVV's Pro tandem drifting tips

After our initial first foray into drifting in Assetto Corsa we turn to our resident drifting expert Ed to...


Team VVV Podcast 28: DiRT Rally PSVR, Nintendo Switch

Welcome to another installment of the Team VVV podcast for all your weekly racing game rambles.  After...


Revisiting the PlayStation 1 classic Destruction Derby

Destruction Derby was released in 1995 and was a launch title for Sony's first ever console the...

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