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New Top Gear is trying too hard to be like old Top Gear

Never has the relaunch of a TV show been met with such anticipation and animosity. But Top Gear isn’t an... Read More


How Project CARS' DLC programme sets a potentially dangerous precedent

Anyone who's seen my comments on Project CARS articles published here on will know that I've... Read More


How 'Vision Gran Turismo' is keeping Gran Turismo relevant

More often than not, it's easy to dismiss the marketing speak from press releases highlighting a... Read More


Get ready for a WRC 5 content blowout coming to TeamVVV next week

Rally game fans are in for a treat next week, as we'll be blowing WRC 5 wide open with some exclusive... Read More


GT7 Prolonged: where was Gran Turismo 7 at E3 2015?

There's no doubting that Sony had a strong showing at this year’s eventful E3. A departure from the... Read More


Was Project CARS 2 announced too soon?

Six weeks. That’s how long it’s been since the triumphant release of Project CARS, yet as I sat applying... Read More


Project CARS vs. DriveClub: frame rate vs. fidelity

Comparing Project CARS to DriveClub seems like a futile exercise. Yes, both fall into the racing genre, but... Read More


Revisiting Ridge Racer: celebrating 20 years of PlayStation

You may not realise it, but this month marks the 20th anniversary of a small unassuming grey box that just... Read More


Alan's Racing Blog going 60fps

This week’s video blog is the first to be recorded  at 60fps, a feature which has been a long time in the... Read More


DisasterClub: picking up the pieces from the DriveClub debacle

DriveClub’s launch has been a colossal car crash, to put it politely. Nearly three weeks on, and after all... Read More


Having a blast at Brands Hatch

The talented team at Slightly Mad Studios are on a mission: to make Project CARS as true to life as... Read More


Opinion: F1 is a Sport, Remember?

Formula One is finally in the news for the right reasons. It isn't about the sound or where the sport is... Read More


Visiting The Crew at Ivory Tower

Back in March, I was invited to a community event at Ivory Tower, a developer studio formed seven years ago... Read More


Will virtual reality revolutionise racing games?

The vision of mainstream virtual reality gaming came one step closer to a reality recently, with the... Read More


Forza Motorsport 5’s Racing Line – The Game's Most Over-Looked...

No matter whether you’re a fan of the Xbox-exclusive racing game, it’s hard to argue against Forza... Read More


Forza 5's monetisation is a monumental rip-off

In the world of free-to-play racing games, if you want to get to the good stuff then you have two options:... Read More


GT Academy: Can You Compete and Is It Worth the Effort?

Last week the 2013 GT Academy launched in the UK on the PlayStation 3, the winner of which will gain a... Read More


GT Academy, worth the effort?

So there are 11 races in this initial GT Academy challenge, two slow ones to start you off, two in the 370z... Read More


Forza Horizon Escape the Grid diary: it's just a game of Cat and Cat

With the release of Forza Horizon, the Xbox team laid on the challenge of a lifetime for a motley crue of... Read More


Ferrari Racing Days: Silverstone 2012

Joe Barron and James Horn attended the spectacular Ferrari Racing Days event at Silverstone recently. Here... Read More

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