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Developer: Image Space Incorporated
Year: 2013
Platforms: PC

rFactor is highly regarded among PC racing enthusiasts, and its long-awaited sequel looks to continue the precedent set by its predecessor. While rFactor 2 may lack the awe-inspiring graphics of Project CARS, it more than makes up for it in the physics department which cater solely to simulation enthusiasts. Its tire deformation system, for example, has to be seen to be believed. 

Latest News


rFactor 2: Build 1080 available, new demo content

rFactor 2 developer Image Space Inc. have recently released build 1080 of their PC racing sim rFactor... Read More


rFactor 2: Toban Raceway Park & Howston Dissenter released

rFactor 2 gets a slight boost this week with the addition of the Toban Raceway Park track and the 1974... Read More


rFactor 2 build 1052 available now

The rFactor 2 development team have just released their very latest build which includes a number of fixes... Read More


rFactor 2: Dallara DW12 Indycar & Stock Car updates released

Continuing with the wealth of updates for rFactor 2 lately, developers Image Space Inc have released new... Read More


Eagle Creek, Northside and Apple Valley tracks released for rFactor 2

rFactor 2 continues to benefit from a wealth of new content with the release of three new locations thanks... Read More


rFactor 2: WIP Apple Valley Speedway screens released

The Image Space Inc. (ISI) track team have released several screenshots over the past few days of a work in... Read More


rFactor 2: Alabama Speedway & Formula ISI 1.6 released

Image Space Inc (ISI) have certainly been busy this Christmas period with the release of not one but two... Read More


rFactor 2 finally takes the leap to the Steam platform

rFactor 2 has finally joined other PC racing sims and is now available to purchase on the Steam... Read More


rFactor 2: 1966 Spa & Monaco GP tracks updated to version 2

rFactor 2's classic Monaco (Monte Carlo) and Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) 1966 Grand Prix tracks have now... Read More


Joesville Speedway released for rFactor 2

After they teased the first ever screens over a week ago, Image Space Inc. (ISI) have now released the... Read More


Revamped rFactor track “Joesville Speedway” coming to rFactor 2

rFactor 2 developer Image Space Inc. (ISI) have been sharing teaser images of a new track as of late. Today... Read More


Brookdale Speedway track released for rFactor 2

Image Space Incorporated (ISI) have released the Brookdale Speedway track for their PC racing sim rFactor... Read More


rFactor 2 is racing onto Steam

Image Space Inc have announced that rFactor 2 will soon be joining its predecessor on the Steam... Read More


Nissan Nismo GT-R GT1 v1.6 released for rFactor 2

Image Space Incorporated have released the updated 1.6 version of the Nissan Nismo GT-R GT1 for their PC... Read More


rFactor 2: Bathurst track v1.0 released

The very famous Mount Panorama, Motor Racing Circuit Bathurst (that's simply Bathurst to you and I) has... Read More


rFactor celebrates its 10th birthday with updated nostalgic content

PC racing sim rFactor is celebrating its 10th birthday in style by releasing some content which should get... Read More


rFactor 2: “Max” build 998 now available, includes new demo

Image Space Incorporated (ISI) have released the “Max” build 998 for their PC racing sim rFactor 2. This... Read More


More preview screens for rFactor 2's Mills Metropark released

Following on from the first batch of screenshots which included a tribute to Jules Bianchi, the track team... Read More


Updated rFactor 2 track Mills Metropark includes tribute to Jules...

The track team at Image Space Incorporated (ISI) have released five screenshots which gives us a look at... Read More


Improved Portugal International track v2.0 released for rFactor 2

Image Space Incorporated (ISI) have released version 2.0 of the Portugal International (Estoril) track. The... Read More


rFactor 2: Build 982 now available

Image Space Incorporated (ISI) have released their very latest build of their rFactor 2 simulation for PC.... Read More


rFactor 2: Indianapolis Motor Speedway v1.3 released

Image Space Inc. (ISI) have released the updated v1.3 of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for their PC... Read More


First Corvette Daytona Prototype previews released for rFactor 2

rFactor 2 developer Image Space Incorporated (ISI) has released the first development renders of the... Read More


Atlanta Motorsports Park for rFactor 2 now available

Image Space Incorporated have released the Atlanta Motorsports Park track for their PC racing title rFactor... Read More


rFactor 2: Updated Dallara DW12 Indy car out now

Image Space incorporated have released an updated version of the free Dallara DW 12 Indycar for their PC... Read More


rFactor 2's day-night-day transition shown in new time-lapse video

Image Space Incorporated have released a new video reminding people that the PC racing sim rFactor 2 has a... Read More


rFactor 2: third party licensed Palatov D4 available now

The Palatov Motorsport D4 is a third party racing car add on for PC racing sim rFactor 2 and is available... Read More


rFactor 2: AC 427 Cobra out now

It's been a week since Image Space Incorporated shared with the racing community some preview gameplay... Read More


Teaser screenshot of rFactor 2's upcoming Atlanta Motorsports Park track

Image Space Incorporated's track team have released a single teaser screenshot (below) on their official... Read More


rFactor 2's upcoming content on show in new gameplay video

Image Space Incorporated (ISI) have released a gameplay video showing rFactor 2's upcoming additions which... Read More


New UI and tyre physics tweaks brought to rFactor 2

A new update for rFactor 2 has been released, bringing new tweaks and features to the PC racing... Read More


Mountain Peak Speedway released for rFactor 2

rFactor 2 has received a new track available to download in the form of Mountain Peak Speedway - a track... Read More


Updated Lime Rock Park released for rFactor 2

A heavily revised version of the Lime Rock Park motorsports complex is now available for rFactor... Read More


Chevrolet Corvette C6 now available for rFactor 2

Image Space Incorporated has added an all-new car to its PC racing simulator rFactor 2: the Chevrolet... Read More


Interlagos F1 circuit now available for rFactor 2

The Interlagos circuit is now available for rFactor 2 racers to use in the PC racing simulation... Read More


rFactor 2 video looks astonishingly real

The battle for the most advanced visuals is always keenly fought in the automotive gaming world, with... Read More


Honda NSX now available for rFactor 2

Image Space Incorporated has released the latest automotive addition to rFactor 2: the Honda NSX... Read More


Interlagos F1 circuit previewed in rFactor 2

Image Space Incorporated has released another new preview video, showcasing the Interlagos F1 circuit for... Read More


ISI outlines planned future content for rFactor 2

rFactor 2 developer Image Space Incorporated (ISI) has outlined all of the content that's currently being... Read More


Windows XP support dropped for rFactor 2 in Build 860 update

rFactor 2's latest update build has been released, effectively terminating the title's compatability with... Read More


ISI announces Nissan license extension for rFactor 2

rFactor 2 developer Image Space Incorporated (ISI) has announced an extension of the Nissan license for the... Read More


'Tiger Moth Aerodrome' circuit announced for rFactor 2

Image Space Incorporated has announced the latest upcoming circuit for rFactor 2: the 'Tiger Moth... Read More


ISI releases new Gen6 stock car preview renderings

Image Space Incorporated has revealed a pair of all-new preview images for rFactor 2's upcoming set of... Read More


rFactor 2 set for 64-bit upgrade through forthcoming update

An inbound update for rFactor 2 will bring the first 64-bit executables to the PC racing sim, developer ISI... Read More


Dallara DW12 IndyCar & Indianpolis released for rFactor 2

If you weren't aware, the Monaco Grand Prix isn't the only monumental motorsport event this weekend. In... Read More


2014 Formula Renault revealed for rFactor 2

While we wait for the release of Indianapolis Motor Speedway in rFactor 2 later this month, Image Space... Read More


Quad Bike & Lost Valley Track released for rFactor 2

In a surprise Easter update, Image Space Incorporated has released some experimental off-road content for... Read More


rFactor 2 Build 660 and new touring car demo released

It's certainly been a busy period for rFactor 2. Follwoing the release of the Panoz Roadster and the recent... Read More


Karting now available in rFactor 2

Edit: Just after posting this article, Image Space Incorporated has informed us that the karts and Quebec... Read More


New 'Gen6 Stock Car' preview renders for rFactor 2 released

Image Space Incorporated has confirmed an upcoming new car for its PC racing title rFactor 2 - the 'Gen6... Read More


Panoz AIV Roadster arrives in rFactor 2 as additional downloadable...

rFactor 2 developer Image Space Incorporated has added a new car to its PC simulation title - the retro... Read More


Indianapolis Motor Speedway showcased in latest rFactor 2 previews

Image Space Incorporated (ISI) has released the latest rFactor 2 previews which depict the fabled... Read More


Revamped Silverstone Circuit v1.14 released for rFactor 2

Image Space Incorporated has released their revamped version of Silverstone for rFactor 2. Now at V1.14,... Read More


New optimised Silverstone coming to rFactor 2

Last year, a major track to rFactor 2's roster: Silverstone. At the time, it was purposely released to... Read More


rFactor 2 first look practice gameplay video - Renault Clio Lime...

With Alan's all-singing, all-dancing gaming PC  finally set up, we're finally able to delve into the... Read More


Honda Civic NGTC touring car released for rFactor 2

As promised, Image Space Incorporated has released the Honda Civic NGTC touring car as a free add-on for... Read More


New rFactor 2 Indianpolis screens and Panoz previews emrge

Image Space Incorporated has sent us some new updated screenshots of the forthcoming Indianapolis Motor... Read More


Honda Civic BTCC coming to rFactor 2, new build released

rFactor 2 has received its last build update before the end of the year, offering the usual mix of bug... Read More


AC Cobra 427 showcased in latest rfactor 2 preview

Image Space Incorporated has released the latest in-game image of its AC Cobra 427 rendering for the... Read More


New Indianapolis preview for rFactor2

Image Space Incorporated have posted a new work in progress development screenshot of the upcoming... Read More


Indianapolis in development for rFactor 2 - first render

The ISI track team is busy building the next track scheduled for rFactor 2 as part of their upcoming... Read More


Loch Drummond track released for rFactor 2

A new fictional track has been released for rFactor 2 free to download. Known as Loch Drummond situated on... Read More


rFactor 2's Prototype Historic Racecars showcased in gameplay video

Image Space Incorporated recently announced the exciting addition of historic prototype racecars coming to... Read More


Chevrolet Camaro GT3 now available in rFactor 2

A new GT car has joined the growing roster of rFactor2: the Chevrolet Camaro GT3, which packs in a whopping... Read More


Historic racecars coming soon to rFactor 2

It's no secret that the developers at Image Space Incorporated are infatuated with historic motorsport,... Read More


Autodromo Di Mores coming to rFactor 2 - first screenshots

Image Space Incorporated have announced that the Autodromo “Franco di Suni” Mores circuit will soon be... Read More


rFactor 2 new build, demo and Silverstone released

fFactor 2 has received its latest update, bringing Image Space Incorporated's promising PC sim up to build... Read More


New previews of Silverstone Circuit for rFactor 2 released

The latest patch of in-game previews for rFactor 2 have been revealed, depicting the current visual state... Read More


Indianapolis & legendary IndyCars coming to rFactor 2 later this year

ISI's been pretty tight-lipped over rFactor 2 for quite some time now, so it's pretty reassuring to find... Read More


Driving into 2013: a definitive guide to 2013's upcoming racing games

If you’re a PC gamer pining for racing games, then 2012 wasn’t really your year. Sure, there were... Read More


rFactor 2 Build 125 adds new car, track and Resume from Replay

rFactor 2 continues to evolve in its current open beta state, as Image Space Evolved have released the... Read More


Become an AI Driver in rFactor 2

Image Space Incorporated is giving 20 sim racers the chance to get their name immortalised into the... Read More


Formula 2 car added to rFactor 2

The rFactor 2 may still be in beta phase, but much like project CARS, the highly anticipated simulation... Read More


Virtua_LM brings Sebring to rFactor 2

It may still be in the beta phase, but that doesn't mean external 'mods' can't be implemented into rFactor... Read More


Clio Cup now available for rFactor 2

A few weeks ago, ISI's rendition of the Renault Clio Cup for rFactor 2 was leaked ahead of its intended... Read More


rFactor 2 Build 90 announced

The upcoming rFactor 2 sim racer may be in the development phase at this moment in time, but that doesn’t... Read More

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