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  • Moto Racer 4 review

    Moto Racer 4 review
    You'd be easily forgiven for not knowing about the Moto Racer series as titles have been few and...
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  • Resident Evil VII review

    Resident Evil VII review
    The long-running Resident Evil series started life as a foreboding survival horror title which...
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  • Battlezone review

    Battlezone review
    Battlezone for the PlayStation VR is a modern re-imagining of the 1980 classic of the same name....
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  • Ride 2 review

    Ride 2 review
    For the first time in years, bike racing game fans are spoilt for choice. Previously, if you...
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  • Motorsport Manager review

    Motorsport Manager review
    There have been many attempts at motorsport management sims but few have ever been able to...
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  • Assetto Corsa review

    Assetto Corsa review
    With the dust well and truly settled on Project CARS, the delay of Gran Turismo Sport and with...
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  • Obliteracers review

    Obliteracers review
    Developed by indie studio Varkian Empire, Obliteracers is a very tricky game to place on the...
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Mad Riders Review

Team VVV enjoyed Techland’s Nail’d and Mad Riders appears to be its unofficial sequel. Just like its...


Forza 4 Pirelli Car Pack Review

Turn 10 continue to release a wealth of quality DLC content for Forza Motorsport 4, this March pack has...


Trials HD Review

Released in the latter half of 2009, Trials HD caused quite a stir in the world of Xbox Live Arcade, part...


Supercar Challenge Review

As I write this the Formula 1 season approaches is climax and this weekend brings us the Belgian Grand...


Need For Speed Shift Review

All things come to those who wait, unfortunately though our review for NFS Shift has come later than hoped...


Need For Speed Undercover Review

Every year when we see the regular raft of EA franchises making their annual appearance and of course no...


Moto GP 09/10 review

It's been 18 months since Moto GP's last video game outing and in that time the racing genre has moved on...


Moto GP 2008 Review

It’s interesting to see Capcom publishing Moto GP 2008, not a product we would automatically associate with...


Hang On Replay Review

We’ve seen the recent release of Moto GP and its good to see the biking genre is still being supported but...


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Replay Review

In 2010 months the most long awaited driving game ever will appear on the Playstation 3, that being the...


Gran Turismo 4 Replay Review

With Gran Turismo 5 nearing its eventual and long awaited release it seems like an appropriate time to look...


F Zero Replay Review

Every month at VVV we intend to look back on an old great, not just of the racing genre but video games...


Colin McRae Dirt 2 Review

Its 11 years since the first iteration of the Colin McRae Rally franchise and 2009's Colin McRae Dirt 2...


Outrun Online Arcade Review

Originally launched in the arcade back in 2003, Outrun 2 came as a refreshing surprise, it represented a...


Race Pro Review

As we all know the racing genre is ever expanding in its importance to any modern console. Strange then...


Super Mario Kart - Replay Review

When news first emerged that Nintendo was to make a racing game using their most well known characters it...


Gran Turismo PSP Review

The term "extended development time" is now synonymous with the Gran Turismo series, not perhaps the term...


Superstars V8 Next Challenge - Review

Racing is a competitive and often expensive market to enter, indeed you would think that all bases had been...


SBK-X Review

SBK-X Review In 2009 I wrote a Replay Review of successful 1980's arcade title Hang-On, a game that...


MotorStorm Apocalypse Review

Over the course of four iterations, the MotorStorm franchise has established itself as the quintessential...


Ridge Racer DS: Replay Review

Ridge Racer DS is the realisation of the classic NAMCO arcade racing game, released on the Nintendo DS...


Preview - Blur Hands-On

With just a just two short weeks to go be fore the release of Bizarre Creations' much anticipated Blur, VVV...


Preview - SBK-X Hands-On

It's certainly been a period of ups and downs for biking fans with the anticipation for Moto GP being so...


Preview - V8 Superstars Next Challenge Hands-On

Barely 6 months after the prequel and we see V8 Superstars Next Challenge racing its way to a games shop...

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