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  • Moto Racer 4 review

    Moto Racer 4 review
    You'd be easily forgiven for not knowing about the Moto Racer series as titles have been few and...
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  • Resident Evil VII review

    Resident Evil VII review
    The long-running Resident Evil series started life as a foreboding survival horror title which...
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  • Battlezone review

    Battlezone review
    Battlezone for the PlayStation VR is a modern re-imagining of the 1980 classic of the same name....
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  • Ride 2 review

    Ride 2 review
    For the first time in years, bike racing game fans are spoilt for choice. Previously, if you...
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  • Motorsport Manager review

    Motorsport Manager review
    There have been many attempts at motorsport management sims but few have ever been able to...
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  • Assetto Corsa review

    Assetto Corsa review
    With the dust well and truly settled on Project CARS, the delay of Gran Turismo Sport and with...
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  • Obliteracers review

    Obliteracers review
    Developed by indie studio Varkian Empire, Obliteracers is a very tricky game to place on the...
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‘Authenticity’ is Milestone’s favourite word. For years, the Italian developer has focused on niche racing...


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F1 2013. It’s likely you’ve all seen the trailers, read about all the details; perhaps even completed a...


MotoGP '13 Review

Italian developer Milestone may currently be renowned for their annual WRC series that has continually...


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With Codemasters focusing on DiRT’s brand of off-road rallying the past few years, its sister circuit...


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If you're a '90s gamer who’s well-versed with racing games, there’s a good chance you’ll have fond memories...


Race Driver: Grid - A Retrospective Review

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With Trials Evolution's potent popularity still regularly resonating with XBLA players, you'd be forgiven...


Urban Trial Freestyle Review

While you could argue that the number of quality console-exclusive games on PS3 has outnumbered those on...


Need for Speed: Most Wanted Vita Review

Need for Speed Most Wanted on Vita is something of a rarity. While many high profile games are handed over...


Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review

EA should be thankful to Criterion for pulling Need for Speed out of the ditch it wedged itself into. For...


Forza Horizon Rally DLC Review

Forza Horizon has garnered considerable praise for its fresh spin on the open world racing genre with its...


Forza Horizon Review

Remember the Top Gear episode where Clarkson and co went on a road trip to find the greatest driving road?...


Fanatec CSL Seat Review

Price: $299/ €299 Shipping worldwide: Available from  For many racing game fans around the...


WRC3 Vita Review

Until recently, Sony’s slow-starting PlayStation Vita handheld was sorely lacking in decent driving games....


Spy Hunter Vita Review

Those of you who are a bit older than me will probably have fond memories of wasting your precious pocket...


Forza Horizon December IGN Car Pack DLC Video Review

Our resident Forza commentator Ross is back with another video full of ravishing ramblings on the latest...


WRC3 Review

It's been a long and bumpy road for developer Milestone's WRC series. Released back in 2010, the Italian...


Forza Horizon November Bondurant DLC Video Review

Our resident Forza Motorsport commentator Ross is back with another video car pack review, this time...


F1 2012 Review

While licenced games do have their obvious perks, one of the big fears around such titles is that, over a...


Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain DLC Review

To say that your plucky rider in Trials Evolution is a glutton for punishment would be quite an...


WheelStandPro V2 Deluxe Review

The WheelStandPro range has long been the best solution for racing fans without the space for a full rig or...


Trials Evolution Review

Nobody could have predicted the gargantuan success of Trials HD. A high definition remake of a...


DiRT Showdown Review

There's been a fast-growing trend in racing games this year: the spin-off. Ridge Racer shocked us all when...


rSeat Evo Video Review

For hardcore racing game enthusiasts, simply owning a wheel isn't enough. For full immersion, there is no...

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