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TeamVVV Patreon PurdyDesigns Thurstmaster Youtube
TeamVVV Patreon PurdyDesigns Thurstmaster Youtube

Developer: SimBin now Sector3 Studios
Year: 2013
Platforms: PC

From SimBin, the makers of GTR, comes RaceRoom Racing Experience, a new free-to-play PC project that looks to set the standard for free-to-play games. RaceRoom Racing Experience will utilise a scheme that SimBin calls Free 2 Race, whereby the core experience will be available to play completely free of charge, with the option to purchase additional content in micro transactions. 

Latest News


Touring Classics Pack coming soon to RaceRoom Racing Experience

The Touring Classics Pack will soon be available for Sector3 Studios' PC racing sim RaceRoom Racing... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience: Drive any car at any track for free this...

Sector3 Studios have announced that they will host a free weekend for their PC racing sim RaceRoom Racing... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience: Macau Circuit WTCC 2014 Gameplay

With the recent release of the Macau Circuit for RaceRoom Racing Experience we thought we'd make a gameplay... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience 2014 WTCC gameplay

In our latest RaceRoom Racing Experience game play video we take the newly released 2014 WTCC content for a... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience: Macau track coming this week

Sector3 Studios assures us that the upcoming Macau race track will be coming to the free-to-play PC racing... Read More


2014 WTCC car pack released for RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 Studios have released the 2014 WTCC car pack for their free-to-play PC racing sim RaceRoom Racing... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience: Shanghai track released

Sector3 Studios have released the Shanghai International Circuit for their free-to-play PC racing sim... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience: WTCC Preview Screenshots

Sector3 Studios have released a host of new screenshots showing their upcoming World Touring Car... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience's major June patch released

Sector3 Studios have released their major update for June for their free-to-play PC racing sim RaceRoom... Read More


RaceRoom's May dev stream reveals new surprises

After a bit of a break, Sector3 Studios have recently held their 'monthly' dev stream. The dev team discuss... Read More


Audi Sport TT Cup 2015 coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 Studios have just unveiled the very latest addition which will arrive on their PC racing sim... Read More


50% off of some of RaceRoom's best content

Sector3 Studios are currently offering a further 50% off of some of their best content for their PC racing... Read More


Audi R18 LMP1 coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 Studios have confirmed that they are currently working on bringing the amazing Audi R18 LMP1 to... Read More


RaceRoom video highlights amazing Group 5 car sounds

Sector3 Studios have been extremely busy lately adding more and more content to their ever improving and... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience: Group 5 pack released

After a week of teasing by developers Sector3 Studios, we finally see the release of the Group 5 pack for... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience: Group 5 video and screenshots

Sector3 Studios have recently teased us of their upcoming Group 5 cars, coming to RaceRoom Racing... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience: Salzburgring track released

Sector3 Studios have just released their very latest track, Salzburgring, for their free to play PC racing... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience: Nissan Silvia Turbo Preview Screens

Swedish game developer, Sector3 Studios, have recently shared a batch of new preview screenshots of the... Read More


Chevrolet Monza Dekon to make racing game debut in R3E

The Chevrolet Monza IMSA GT racing car will soon be making its inaugural appearance in a racing game, via... Read More


Sonoma Raceway now available in RaceRoom Racing Experience

RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) developer Sector3 Studios has brought another new track to the... Read More


More Group 5 racing cars coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience

RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) developer Sector3 Studios has revealed more Group 5 era racing cars will... Read More


Hillclimb Pack released for RaceRoom Racing Experience

RaceRoom Experience, aka R3E, has received a major new update, adding a number of fixes and features. A... Read More


R3E to add Sonoma Raceway, Cadillac CTS-V and Updated GT2 Physics

Race Room Racing Experience continues to improve and evolve, last month we tested the Touring Car ’92... Read More


Laser-scanned Nürburgring Nordschleife confirmed for R3E

RaceRoom Racing Experience, or R3E as it's better known, has certainly come on in leaps and bounds since... Read More


'DTM 1992' car pack released for RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 Studios has released a new, DTM-themed car pack for its free-to-play RaceRoom Racing Experience... Read More


Sector3 Studios releases DTM Experience 2014

The Swedish game developer Sector3 Studios has released DTM Experience 2014, its latest PC racing sim... Read More


Carlsson SLK 340 makes its game debut in R3E

The Carlsson SLK 340 racecar officially launched this week, but it's also made its racing game debut in R3E... Read More


'Mystery Machine' coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 Studios has confirmed an all-new car will be coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E). No... Read More


Sector3 Studios takes over R3E maintenance

The newly-formed Sector3 Studios is now at the helm of RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E), after SimBin... Read More


SimBin Studios is shutting down

Sad news, sim racing fans: SimBin Studios, the renowned Sweedish developer of fabled sim tittles such as... Read More


Major RaceRoom Racing Experience patch coming on June 19th

SimBin Studios has spilled the beans on next week's big patch for its free-to-play PC sim, RaceRoom Racing... Read More


Salzburgring shown off in latest R3E preview video

SimBin Studios has previewed the Salzburgring racing circuit in RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E), ahead of... Read More


Turbocharged Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO races onto R3E

The much-anticipated Audi 90 Quattro GTO has raced onto SimBin's RaceRoom Race Experience. Its release was... Read More


Paul Ricard confirmed for R3E in latest in-game previews

SimBin Studios has unveiled an all-new track for its free-to-play PC sim RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E):... Read More


Nissan GT-R GT3 inbound for RaceRoom Racing Experience

SimBin Studios has released the first work-in-progress previews of RaceRoom Racing Experience's (R3E)... Read More


Audi 90 IMSA GTO "coming soon" to RaceRoom Racing Experience

SimBin Studios has released an all-new trailer for the Audi 90 IMSA GTO, ahead of its impending arrival in... Read More


DTM Experience DLC released for RaceRoom Racing Experience

SimBin Studios has pulled the wraps off the latest addition for its free-to-play RaceRoom Racing Experience... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience multiplayer mode previewed in off-screen...

RaceRoom Racing Experience's (R3E) upcoming multiplayer mode has been previewed for the first time,... Read More


R3E Hillclimb gameplay video shows staggering sense of speed

If we here at VVV had a new years resolution, it would be to cover more PC racing games. So that's exactly... Read More


RaceRoom Driving Controller released

After releasing several game seats and racing stands in the past, RaceRoom have unleashed their racing... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience 'Recap' Trailer

In the nine or so months since SimBin officially released RaceRoom Racing Experience, the "freemium" PC sim... Read More


Zolder Circuit depicted in latest RaceRoom Racing Experience trailer

SimBin Studios has pulled the wraps of the latest addition to RaceRoom Racing Experience's plentiful track... Read More


New Hillcimb route coming to R3E in Easter

A new race track will be coming to SimBin's free-to-play RaceRoom Racing Experience title, in the form of... Read More


Group 5 Capri & BMW E30 M3 added to RaceRoom Racing Experience

SimBin has announced two new cars for its free-to-play PC sim racer, RaceRoom Racing Experience: the Group... Read More


SimBin releases new R3E Pagani Zonda R previews

With more and more content set to be added to RaceRoom Racing Experience in the forseeable future, SimBin... Read More


R3E previews depict Suzuka Circuit and race-ready Ruf

As far as breaking news stories go, this week's been quite a busy one for the legendary German car maker... Read More


SimBin acquires Ford licence for R3E

SimBin has confirmed it's now sourced the licence needed to add Ford cars to it's free-to-play racing sim,... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience starts its engines in open beta

We already knew it was happening this week, but SimBin's public open beta for RaceRoom Racing Experience... Read More


Audi R8 LMS Ultra confirmed for R3E open beta

Hot on the heels of SimBin's announcement regarding the open beta launch, it's now been officially... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience open beta starts next week, pricing...

The development of the upcoming 'Free2Race' sim racer RaceRoom Racing Experience is rapidly starting to... Read More


Ruf to feature in RaceRoom: Racing Experience

Not long after the announcement that BMW has signed up to be part of SimBin's RaceRoom: Racing Experience... Read More


SimBin acquire BMW license for RaceRoom Racing Experience

SimBin, the creators of the fabled GTR series, have announced a new licensing agreement with BMW for their... Read More


RaceRoom Racing Experience launches closed beta

Sweedish developer SimBin's (the same people behind the legendary PC GTR sim series) promising free-to-play... Read More


SimBim's RaceRoom Racing Experience playable in two weeks

SimBin may be hard at work developing the highly anticipated GTR 3, but that seemingly hasn't stopped them... Read More

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