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Developer: SimBin now Sector3 Studios
Year: 2013
Platforms: PC

From SimBin, the makers of GTR, comes RaceRoom Racing Experience, a new free-to-play PC project that looks to set the standard for free-to-play games. RaceRoom Racing Experience will utilise a scheme that SimBin calls Free 2 Race, whereby the core experience will be available to play completely free of charge, with the option to purchase additional content in micro transactions. 

Latest News


Nordschleife slaying Audi TT VLN released for RaceRoom Racing...

The car roster for RaceRoom Racing Experience just got a little boost today thanks to the release of the...


RaceRoom Racing Experience update adds support for Thrustmaster...

The latest update for RaceRoom Racing Experience is now available which includes support for the...


KTM X-Bow RR available now for RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 Studios has made available the KTM X-Bow RR for their PC racing sim RaceRoom Racing...


DTM 2016 content released for RaceRoom Racing Experience

It's that time of year once more when Sector3 Studios make available the latest DTM content for RaceRoom...


Latest RaceRoom teaser showcases upcoming content

With so much focus on the likes of Assetto Corsa, Project CARS and iRacing lately, developer Sector3...


2016 Season of the Audi Sport TT Cup coming to RaceRoom

Sector3 Studios has recently announced they will be bringing the 2016 season of the Audi Sport TT Cup to...


RaceRoom: Upcoming 2016 WTCC content includes Volvo S60 Polestar

Reiza Studios will soon be bringing their World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) 2016 season content to...


Silverstone finally coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience

That's right Silverstone is finally coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience. Work had begun some time ago you...


The Merecedes-AMG GT3 is coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience

There's good news for GT3 fans as developer Sector3 Studios have confirmed the Mercedes-AMG GT3 will be...


RaceRoom Racing Experience secure KTM License

With Assetto Corsa securing the Porsche license and Project CARS seemingly doing the same thing, it feels...


RaceRoom kicks off its Summer Sale with 50% discounts across the board

Yes it's that time of year again when RaceRoom Racing Experience hosts its annual Summer sale. [ai:grid...


ADAC GT Masters car pack released for RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 Studios continue their impressive momentum with the release of the ADAC GT Masters 2015 Car Pack...


Nurburgring Legends DLC pack released for RaceRoom Racing Experience

RaceRoom fans can now access the combined Nurburgring GP and Nordschleife track thanks to the release of...


GTO Classics car pack released for RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 Studios continue to pump out the content for RaceRoom Racing Experience with the release of the GTO...


Formula RaceRoom Junior now available for RaceRoom Racing Experience

The Formula RaceRoom Junior has now been made available for PC racing sim RaceRoom Racing...


BMW M6 GT3 coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 Studios have announced that the BMW M6 GT3 will be coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience. [ai:grid...


Audi R18 released for RaceRoom Racing Experience

Sector3 Studios have released the Audi R18  TDI Ultra for their PC racing sim RaceRoom Racing...


Latest RaceRoom update adds Nurburgring DLC, big grids and more

The long awaited “Nurburgring update” has been recently released for RaceRooom Racing Experience and it...


New RaceRoom screens tease upcoming WTCC 2015 Car Pack

Sector3 Studios have released a batch of new screenshots teasing the upcoming WTCC 2015 Car Pack for...


New Unreal Engine 4 powered RaceRoom Racing Experience screens surface

Recently a screenshot (see below) leaked showing RaceRoom Racing Experience running in the Unreal Engine...


Bentley Continental GT3 & Formula RaceRoom Junior coming to RaceRoom...

Sector3 Studios have been unusually quiet of late, so it was hardly surprising to hear that they have been...


RaceRoom Racing Experience: new GTO class cars teased

RaceRoom Racing Experience's GTO class (which currently only consists of a single car) is set to get two...


RaceRoom Racing Experience: Nurburgring Norschleife preview full lap

Sector3 Studios have released a new video showing the work in progress version of the legendary Nurburgring...


Nurburgring Nordschleife teasers for RaceRoom Racing Experience released

Hot off the heels of the recently released Formula RaceRoom 2 car, Sector3 Studios have now released a...

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