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Developer: EA Ghost & Criterion Games
Publisher: EA
Year: 2013
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One

Need for Speed makes its next generation debut with Need for Speed: Rivals powered by an enhanced version of Frostbite 3. Police chases are back at the forefront, allowing players to take on the role as either the cops or felons, and car customisation makes a belated return for the series. Set in the open world of Redview County, Rivals adopts a system known as AllDrive that will seamlessly merge single and online multiplayer gameplay experiences.

Latest News


Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition races into retailers this October

For the first time in 12 years, Need for Speed will be off the road this year. Then again, that's probably... Read More


Need for Speed Movie tie-in DLC released for Need for Speed: Rivals

Yet more downloadable content has been unveiled for Need for Speed: Rivals, this time focusing on the Need... Read More


Koenigsegg One:1 supercar available as free DLC for Need for Speed:...

The new Koenigsegg One:1 supercar makes its racing game debut in Need for Speed: Rivals, as a free add-on... Read More


EA releases Lamborghini-themed DLC packs for Need for Speed: Rivals

The latest batch of DLC packs have been released for Need for Speed: Rivals, bringing two all-new... Read More


Need for Speed Rivals Ferrari and Jaguar DLC packs now available

As we know, Need for Speed: Rivals marks the first time Ferrari has appeared in a Need for Speed game in 11... Read More


2015 Ford Mustang makes game debut in Need for Speed Rivals

This week has certainly been a  week for game car debuts. First we had the highly publicised BMW M4 pop up... Read More


Need for Speed Rivals Review

With DriveClub still impounded at Evolution Studios until next year, early PS4 adopters have had to turn to... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals locked at 30fps on PC, upping to 60fps...

While Forza Motorsport 5 looks effortlessly beautiful running in glorious 1080p with a rock solid 60fps,... Read More


Launch trailer for Need for Speed: Rivals goes live

With just over 24 hours to go until the latest in a long line of Need for Speed games goes on sale, EA has... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals PS4 & Xbox One gameplay videos: spot the...

EA continue to saturate their video coverage of the forthcoming Need for Speed: Rivals, with a new pair of... Read More


Ken Block promotes Need for Speed: Rivals in Gymkhana 6: The...

Ken Block is renowned worldwide for his Gymkhana viral video series, in which he displays an almost... Read More


Full Ferrari roster unveiled for Need for Speed: Rivals after 7 year...

For the first time in seven years, Ferrari is returning to Need for Speed. Last seen in Need for Speed: Hot... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals 'Ultimate Cars, Speed and Rivalry' trailer...

As if we haven't seen enough gratuitous cop chase carnage from Need for Speed: Rivals as of late, EA's... Read More


Ken Block partners with Need for Speed as Racing Advisor

Perpetual powerslider Ken Block has been announced as EA's new Racing Advisor for Need for Speed. The... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals Exclusive Gameplay: exploring the open world...

The final part of our exclusive Need for Speed: Rivals hands-on gameplay is a simple exploratory drive... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals Exclusive Rapid Response Hands-On Gameplay

Our hands-on gameplay video coverage of Need for Speed: Rivals continues in part 2, as Alan explores some... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals Hands-On Gameplay - Part 1 of 3

After our initial hands-on sessions with EA Ghost's Need for Speed: Rivals at past gaming conventions this... Read More


Need for Speed Rivals' AllDrive feature showcased in latest gameplay...

One of the more interesting aspects of EA Ghost's Need for Speed Rivals game - the online-centric AllDrive... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals interview: mapping the road ahead

It's no secret that Need for Speed is a series with a serious identity crisis. Having been swapped between... Read More


Need for Speed Rivals "Progression & Pursuit Tech" trailer released

EA has released a new trailer for Need for Speed: Rivals, shedding some more light on the gameplay... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals trailer showcases personalisation and...

During its in-game demonstration at Gamescom, EA Ghost Games were keen to direct our attention to Need for... Read More


Criterion Games reduced to a team of 16, remaining staff form Ghost...

As we know, Criterion Games' future involvement with the Need for Speed series was recently discontinued... Read More


Criterion's license revoked: EA Ghost now in charge of Need for Speed

Remember when when we posted that Criterion Games would be overseeing Need for Speed for the foreseeable... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals adds Undercover cops, brings back car...

Car customisation used to be a staple feature in Need for Speed, but in more recent iterations it has... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals - a series deja vu?

By now, we've all seen EA's E3 showing of Need for Speed: Rivals. But just in case you haven't, we've... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals detailed at E3 2013

Having been confirmed a short while ago, the first major details on Need for Speed: Rivals have emerged at... Read More


The E3 2013 racing games road map

E3: a time of year game journalists love to hate. A time where gamers gather to consume every nugget of new... Read More


Need for Speed: Rivals announced for November

Wow. It's been a momentous week for major racing game announcements, hasn't it? First Gran Turismo 6 was... Read More

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