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Developer: Criterion Games
Publisher: EA
Year: 2012
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Wii U
Review score: 8/10

Criterion Games' sophomore stint with the Need for Speed license was a reimagining of Most Wanted, a game that was largely considered the best in the series. The result was a refreshing take on open world racing that, while borring heavily from Burnout Paradise, managed to shake up the genre with its unconventional open-ended structure, whilst retaining Criterion's usual knack for raw intensity, addictive multiplayer mayhem enhanced by Autolog and mercilous appetite for destruction. 

Latest News


Need For Speed: Most Wanted (PC) is currently free on Origin

The 2012 PC version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted is currently available, free of charge, to all Origin... Read More


Alex Ward speaks out on Nintendo and EA's mishandling of Need for...

It's no secret that Need for Speed: Most Wanted undersold on the Wii U. Taking to Twitter, Criterion's... Read More


Criterion boss says studio will abandon racing games, and "make...

In a shock announcement, the head of Criterion Games - the developers of such critically-acclaimed games... Read More


Video: was Need for Speed: Most Wanted's universal praise undeserved?

Last week, our review of Need for Speed: Most Wanted was published on this very website, which prompted... Read More


Need for Speed: Most Wanted Vita Review

Need for Speed Most Wanted on Vita is something of a rarity. While many high profile games are handed over... Read More


Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review

EA should be thankful to Criterion for pulling Need for Speed out of the ditch it wedged itself into. For... Read More


Three new DLC packs available for Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Following on from the momentous Speed pack, EA has announced a truckload of DLC for Need for Speed: Most... Read More


News cars & events for Most Wanted's 'Speed Pack' DLC

Nearly every racing game on sale today's jumped aboard the DLC bandwagon, so it shouldn't be too much of a... Read More


Need for Speed Most Wanted 'Get Wanted' trailer calls in the cops

It's trailer time once again at VVV, and this time Need for Speed Most Wanted takes center stage in another... Read More


Need for Speed Most Wanted 'Find it, Drive it' gameplay video

EA have released another tantalising snippet of gameplay in some new footage for Criterion's Need for Speed... Read More


EA Gothenburg working on next Need for Speed

Criterion may be about to release their sophomore Need for Speed game Most Wanted, but, being an annual... Read More


First Need for Speed Most Wanted Vita and mobile screenshots are...

Need for Speed Most Wanted's showing at Gamescom this week revealed an interesting intention: Criterion... Read More


Multiplayer trailer for Need for Speed Most Wanted next week

It's safe to say that we're hotly anticipating the launch of Need for Speed Most Wanted, Criterion's... Read More


Need for Speed Most Wanted gameplay trailer shows dirty driving

It's been rather quiet on the video front for Criterion's Need for Speed Most Wanted, with EA instead... Read More


Need for Speed Most Wanted pre-order bonuses detailed

Last week saw the announcement of Forza Horizon's pre-order bonuses, which included the usual raft of extra... Read More


Criterion flaunts NFS Most Wanted's car list starting with 'American...

In the press conferences earlier this year, the folk from Criterion were very adamant that their reboot of... Read More


Car customisation confirmed for Need for Speed Most Wanted

One of the most frequently asked questions about Criterion's upcoming reboot of Need for Speed Most Wanted... Read More


Autolog 2.0 detailed for Need for Speed Most Wanted

Criterion have lifted the bonnet of Need for Speed Most Wanted's new Autolog 2.0, the second wave of... Read More


Driving into E3 2012

It’s that special time of year again where all the big boys gather to deliver an onslaught of high profile... Read More

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